It turns out that after graduating from high school, you can go to the UK to study for an undergraduate degree? !

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

If you want to start undergraduate life in the UK as soon as possible, that’s absolutely fine👌🏻 . Bachelor’s degree duration in the UK: 3⃣️ years. If you can come to the UK to study in your second year of high school, you can save time compared to domestic classmates by overtaking in corners✅

🌟The way to study in the UK after graduating from high school - undergraduate preparatory course

⚠️Students who graduate from high school cannot directly enter undergraduate courses, but they can enter some prestigious schools that they would not otherwise be able to attend through undergraduate preparatory courses.

🙋🏻What is undergraduate preparatory course❓

👉🏻Undergraduate preparatory courses are based on successful completion of half a year to one year of English and professional courses, and academic results meet the undergraduate admission requirements, you can advance to undergraduate courses☺️

🙋🏻Are there any advantages for high school sophomores to study in college through undergraduate preparatory courses❓

✅Most schools do not accept high school students who directly enter undergraduate courses. They must study for one year of preparatory courses. Compared with students who graduate from high school and study for British undergraduate courses , they save 1 year of time👏🏻

✅The language requirements are not high, 4.5-6.0 is sufficient, and you can apply for a place first and then supplement the language score. There is no need to submit the language when applying📖

✅Wide range of schools and majors to choose from📈

✅You can choose to start school in September or January, which correspond to one-year and half-year preparatory courses respectively, and the time is more flexible🕖

🙋🏻Are there any limitations for high school sophomores to study undergraduate preparatory courses❓

✅There are fewer schools to choose from than in higher education 👈🏻

✅The academic performance requirements for high school sophomore applications are higher than those for senior high school students👈🏻

Therefore, the second year of high school🈸️ and the third year of high school🈸️ have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you can analyze them according to your own situation.

Which schools cannot be applied to after graduating from high school🙅 :

🏫University College London❌

🏫University of Edinburgh❌

🏫University of Manchester❌

🏫King 's College London❌

🏫University of Warwick❌

🏫University of Exeter❌

⚠️It does not mean that you can apply for these schools after graduating from high school . It also depends on whether your grades meet the requirements of these schools❗️

🙋🏻Which schools can you apply to after graduating from high school and their rankings:

🏫University of Bristol (QS55)

🏫University of Southampton (QS81)

🏫University of Glasgow (QS76)

🏫University of Leeds (QS75)

🏫Durham University(QS78)

🏫University of Birmingham (QS84)

🏫University of Sheffield (QS104)

🏫University of Nottingham (QS100)

🏫Newcastle University(QS110)

🏫Queen Mary University of London (QS145)

🏫Lancaster University(QS122)

🏫York University(QS167)

🏫Cardiff University(QS154)

🏫University of Bath (QS148)

🏫University of Liverpool (QS176)

Therefore, it is a good path to apply for undergraduate preparatory courses and then study abroad in the second year of high school. If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory courses, backstage✉️tidi , submit the materials now, and if you are quick, you will get an offer the next day~

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