There is such a big gap between studying abroad in London and non-London areas❓

There were many parents and students asking in the background whether to choose a school in London❓

Then Mr. Fried Fish will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of London and non - London schools👇

🔘Cultural experience

◽️As the economic and political center of the UK, London’s entertainment life is almost as rich and colorful as in China, and it has the atmosphere of an international city. However, this may not be a good thing for some students who are not qualified enough.

◼️Although non-London areas are not as prosperous as London, they usually have beautiful scenery that cannot be seen in London. Usually, the school greens, stadiums, and environment in non-London areas are much larger. Suitable for students who like natural scenery and want to study quietly.

( ✔️The entertainment temptation in London will be greater and is not suitable for students who are not qualitative enough)

🔘Living expenses

◽️The average monthly living cost in London is approximately £ 1,000 .

◼️The average monthly living cost outside London is approximately £ 800 .

( ✔️The cost of living in London will be higher)


◽️There are all kinds of Chinese restaurants in London, such as Lanzhou Ramen, Malatang, Heytea, etc. You don’t have to worry about eating habits in London.

◼️There are very few Chinese restaurants outside of London, and some places even don’t have any at all.

( ✔️There are many Chinese restaurants in London)

🔘Academic resources

◽️There are many good universities in London, such as UCL , LSE , KCL , IC , etc., which are all famous top universities. Art students also often catch art exhibitions.

◼️In non-London areas, there may be only one university in the top 100 Qs in one city.

( ✔️London has more top universities and a better academic atmosphere)


◽️London ’s subway lines are very developed, and the most expensive one-way trip is only 3 pounds. There are even some buses running in the early morning, and for only 1.50 pounds one way, you can take public transportation almost everywhere.

◼️Transportation in non-London areas is usually not that convenient. The only cities in the UK that have subways are London, Newcastle, and Glasgow. Buses are mainly used. There were very few buses where Fried Fish lived before. It was inconvenient to have to take a taxi everywhere.

( ✔️The transportation in London is very developed and it is convenient to go anywhere)

🙌In general, schools in London have many opportunities, but they also have more temptations. Every child’s lifestyle is different, and the best one is suitable for the child~

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , dd fried fish in the background

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