🇬🇧Double-Africa Friendly Business School!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

1 University of Nottingham

Although the threshold has been raised several times, it has not shut out Shuangfei✌️The latest requirement is only for Shuangfei to 88, while other 211, 985, and some undergraduate finance students only need 80. Several popular courses, such as AF, FB and FI, are strict to about 90 points. The difficulty of admission to the University of Nottingham is increasing every year. Dual independent colleges and universities can only apply for most non-popular majors, and there are score requirements☺️

2 University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is ranked around the top 180 in the world, and this school is very friendly to students from both countries. Moreover, the school is also an old red brick school and a member of the Russell Group. This school will appear on many students’ school selection lists.

In addition to the main campus, the school also has a London campus offering accounting, investment management, FIM and other courses. The location is still in the financial city. Although the school is a bit small, it is enough. There is no strict list, only non-independent colleges and universities can accept them as long as their scores are high enough👍

3 University of Southampton

The University of Southampton specializes in science and engineering, and its business school has AACSB and AMBA accreditations. The school has many majors, and you can apply for more than 20 majors together with the School of Economics💜

The school's teaching equipment is fairly advanced, and Nan'an actually has a list, which fluctuates every year. Some popular majors may be more difficult to apply for. There are several 2:2 majors in Southampton, and you can also miss them, but you have to look at the background clearly. For example, broadcasting and hosting may be more difficult🧸

4 University of Glasgow

There are really many Chinese students applying for the University of Glasgow. Many local domestic finance and economics students are basically connected with them, and many places will be allocated. In addition, some 211 and 985 students with low GPA will also choose this school. Glasgow's list is relatively friendly, divided into 5 levels, and some schools are not recognized by business schools.

5 University of Birmingham

As a red brick school and a founding member of Russell, the University of Birmingham's Business School is a leading school in the fourth echelon. Of course, there are also large-class courses such as IB courses, but there are also very strong marketing majors. School🈚️Independent list, ranked according to soft subjects

There are many courses in this school that do not require application💰 , so many non-students are willing to try to apply. It doesn’t matter if they fail to apply. If someone like IB or HR is easy to apply for, you will be very happy if you apply. Because the list is not strictly enforced, some students are always lucky enough to get in every year.

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