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Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

Friends who want to study in the UK must save this article👏🏻

Friends who want to study in the UK must save this article👏🏻

Friends who want to study in the UK must save this article👏🏻

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🛒How can you miss the "supermarket shopping" part of the colorful study abroad life? Today I’m going to share with you the local supermarkets in the UK🛍There are “commoner” supermarkets and “high-end” supermarkets✔️The editor will take you to know about them🧸

🔵 Affordable supermarket (Aldi & Lidl)

Both of these are cheap discount stores "originally made in Germany", offering high quality products at low prices. If you are not pursuing organic high quality, the vegetables , fruits , and meats of these two companies are definitely the first choice in British supermarkets. Basically, the price of food is not much different from that in China, and may even be cheaper. Very cost-effective, avoid eating dirt✅

🟣Local supermarket (Morrisons & Coop)

These two supermarkets are also very cost-effective. Although some products are slightly more expensive than Aldi and Lidl, they have a rich variety of products. Especially at Morrisons, you can find pork heart, lamb loin and other meats that are rare in other supermarkets. Therefore, it is also called "the British supermarket best for Chinese stomachs" by students. Even the favorite hand pancakes🌮 for cooking novices can be bought here🍹

🟠Tesco & Sainsbury’s

If the affordable supermarkets mentioned above are not densely distributed in the UK, the next two must be found downstairs in your home😘

Tesco is the largest retail company in the UK. It can be seen in the streets and alleys of Britain. The prices of most foods are not much different from those in China. The editor highly recommends everyone to try Tesco’s self-produced fast food🍕semi - finished products🍖french fries🍟chicken nuggets🍗fried shrimps🍤

Sainsbury's is also a long-established supermarket chain in the UK. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruits🍋🍌🍊🫐🍒🍉🍇🍓🥥You can often buy crispy persimmons that are also available in China, etc.

🟡Noble Supermarket (M&S & Waitrose)

First up is everyone’s favorite M&S Food Hall. Compared with other supermarkets, M&S Food Hall sells more self-produced products, and the selection of snacks 🍫dairy products 🥛 is particularly rich. It is also a very good choice to buy some souvenirs here before returning to your country. Martha's semi-finished products also taste very good and can be solved in one bite in the microwave🍮

Waitrose can definitely be called the most popular supermarket in the UK for the middle and upper class 🤩Even the British royal family recognizes the quality of its products👑Although the price is high💰 , the shopping experience is excellent👍🏻Supermarkets usually cover a large area and have a variety of products There are so many things that are dazzling, just like M&S, they sell a large number of home-produced foods . 🍰The dairy products and quick-frozen desserts are very popular. 🍧Internet celebrity food short ribs 🥩 are the best choice for hot-boiled meat . 🔝Among them, the NO.1 product line🔥 is The high-end among high-end Waitrose can order through the official website💻

🙌🏻I hope this guide for new students can solve your doubts about local supermarkets in the UK. If you have other questions, you are welcome to leave a comment at any time🫶🏻🫶🏻

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