🇬🇧Undergraduate experience at the University of Huddersfield

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today I’m sharing my undergraduate experience at the University of Huddersfield💁🏻‍♂️The uu I’m sharing this time is L , who enrolled in undergraduate studies in September 2020. If you want to see what kind of school experience you have, please feel free to use Didi in the background.

❓Tell us a little about yourself

❗️I came to Huddersfield to study art in the domestic 2+2 program.

❓How is the teaching quality and the study experience?

❗️ Harder's student apartments are all around the school, and I can go home and take a nap during my one-hour lunch break every day. There are very few Chinese people studying art in the school, and it feels like there are just a few here and there. But the teachers I met were all very responsible. Seeing that I was the only foreigner, they took good care of me. They were afraid that I wouldn’t understand in class and even took my mobile phone. Translate it to me, I really appreciate it. The teaching quality is also very good . If you have any questions during non-weekends, send an email to the teacher and they will reply quickly. What I am most grateful for is my tutor and British classmates at the time. They often gave me some advice and asked me if there was anything I didn’t understand. Although the school is not big, it is well-equipped with everything including a gym, canteen, and gymnasium. I often go to watch the school team play basketball games, haha.

❓Can you introduce your major?

❗️I majored in contemporary art and illustration. What I have to do every day is to do various art projects that I want to do, such as sculptures, paintings, installation art, etc. Every day in the classroom, you can see me and my classmates working on various installations with shame. We are tired but very happy. There are tutorials every week to report progress to the teacher, so I can’t be lazy even if I want to. I especially practice my speaking and social skills, and my social anxiety has been cured👍 .

❓How is the city of Huddersfield?

❗️I feel great. Although it is a small place, it is only 16 minutes by train from Leeds and 30 minutes by train from Manchester City. It is very convenient to go everywhere. There are three or four Chinese restaurants and supermarkets, as well as a KTV . There are still quite a lot of Chinese students. It was the first time I went abroad and I was very afraid that there would be very few Chinese people and no one to communicate with. The cost of living is also much lower. Apartments of the same quality may be twice as expensive in Leeds. There are also students from Leeds who live in Hard. It is really convenient. You can just walk everywhere.

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