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This article is only dedicated to those who want to study for a master's degree abroad but are confused about which school or major to go to. Or, it is written for those who have a low average score and a 🈚️ background, but want to improve themselves through prestigious schools. The same applies to those who have graduated and have been working for a while. So which 🇬🇧 master’s programs accept non- African backgrounds? This series is divided into three series: upper, middle and lower. The first part is for business majors📈

❗️Admission requirements are for admission in 2022❗️

1⃣️Queen Mary - Corporate Finance / Wealth Management / Banking and Finance

Queen Mary University is located in London, England, with a QS2023 world ranking of 125. Among such a highly ranked school, CF accepts students from 🈚️ backgrounds, and the admission rate is very high. Although the school also has a list of Chinese institutions, it includes In many non-university colleges, there are a lot of people applying for this major every year, and the competition is also very fierce. It is recommended that the average score of dual non-universities is 75+ for comparison🉑️

WM is also a major from QM. This major is more suitable for those who have already worked and have some work experience in banks or other financial institutions. The course contains many courses in management, finance, and investment. The same course Many people apply every year, and the competition is very fierce. It is recommended that both candidates have a score of 75+, and those with relevant work experience will get points.

The B&F major recommends an average score of 75-80. The application difficulty of this major is a little higher than the previous two. There are score requirements for undergraduate mathematics/finance courses, and the number of applicants should not be too many.

2⃣️University of Exeter - International Business

Ethiopia’s QS ranking is 163. It is a very cost-effective school in comparison. The school has a list, including many dual non-federal and independent colleges. It is considered a very friendly school for UUs ​​with mainland undergraduates, and Ethiopia’s consumption The level is not high, so it is a very good choice for UUs ​​with limited budget. IB is more suitable for those UUs who only want to study business but have specific professional intentions. It is relatively versatile. The courses include HR, business, and accounting. , management, business law, brand design and other courses, it is recommended that both scores are 75+, and work experience will be

3⃣️University of Warwick (Warwick) - Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

The University of Warwick has its own list, which contains a large number of dual-non-university schools, but the GPA requirements are high, with dual non-university average scores of 85+. This major is also one of the few 2:2 majors in Warwick Business School. This major is more suitable for those who start businesses. If you encounter professional problems on the way and hope to improve your skills through further studies, it is also suitable for those who have made some achievements in the field to apply. The University of Warwick ranks 64th in QS2023. This major is ranked No. 1 among the top 100 British universities in QS. However, this major attaches great importance to work experience. The course content includes a large number of management, leadership, product, inventory, and supply chain courses, which is very rich, not to mention Warwick's business school is also ranked one of the best, isn't it great~

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