How to directly apply for 🇬🇧undergraduate degree in domestic general high school

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

There are several ways for high school students to apply for undergraduate studies in the UK

1⃣️Foundation ( Foundation ): The path and foundation for admission to undergraduate courses, preparation for undergraduate courses

Academic requirements: Completion of the second year of high school or graduation from the third year of high school , recommended high school score of 80

IELTS requirements: UKVI IELTS total score 5.0 ~ 6.0

Time to complete undergraduate degree: 1 year preparatory course + 3 years undergraduate course ( 4 -year undergraduate course in Scotland )

✨The British preparatory courses are mainly open to international students. In addition to learning xi English, they will also learn xi related professional knowledge, which is equivalent to a bridge between domestic high schools and British undergraduates. Diverse course options: including business, media, engineering, computer, etc. for students to choose from.

2⃣️Direct undergraduate study: the most economical and time - saving👍

Academic requirements: At least 60% of the college entrance examination score, and most departments require 75 to 80%

IELTS requirements: Total IELTS score: 6.0 ~ 6.5

Time to complete undergraduate degree: 3 years (England, Wales , Northern Ireland) / 4 years (Scotland)

There are more and more institutions in the UK such as the University of Liverpool Domestic students are accepted to apply directly for first-year courses in British universities after graduating from high school. They need to use college entrance examination transcripts to apply. Students are also accepted to transition to British first-year courses after completing their first year in China.

✨Students who want to pass this route must maintain good grades from the first year to the third year of high school.

3⃣️ International Year One (International Year One): Help students directly enter the second year of undergraduate degree

Academic requirements: Complete the second year of high school or graduate from the third year of high school . Some colleges require IELTS scores for the college entrance examination.

Requirements: IELTS total score: 5.5 ~ 6.0

Time to complete undergraduate degree: 1 year of international freshman + 2 years of undergraduate degree

✨Some colleges and universities in the UK are open to international students applying to study a major and English course at the same time. After completing the studies, they can directly study sophomore courses with local British students. There are relatively few school options. Application requires high school transcripts for three years, and IELTS scores between 5.5 and 6 . It is important to note that if your grades are not up to standard at the end of the course, transfer will be restricted in the future.

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