There are so many British private schools with few international students❗️

🏫Wellington School

International student ratio: 10%

The school is located in a wealthy area with beautiful scenery and high safety factor. There is an Olympic standard sports center with complete sports facilities, such as fencing halls, rugby fields, tennis courts, cricket fields, gyms, rock climbing walls, indoor swimming pools, etc. It has everything that most private schools do not have.

🏫Harrow SchoolHarrow School

International student ratio: 20%

One of the nine world-famous public schools, it not only has excellent teaching quality and educational resources, but also has complete facilities, including advanced observatories, golf courses, laboratories, etc. Not only does it provide students with comprehensive academic support, but it also provides professional-level support in sports, art, etc.

🏫Ackworth School

International student ratio: 21%

Number of Chinese students: ☑️ 10

The large campus also means complete sports facilities and more than 30 extracurricular activities. There is a table tennis club with a former British Championship champion as coach. All pianos are Steinway. Leisure activities such as outings and movies are organized every week. Very cost-effective, the annual cost is less than 40k 💷‼ ️

🏫Westminster School

International student ratio: 15%

The cradle of Oxbridge college students, academic achievement ranks among the best in the UK. About half of the students go to Oxbridge every year. It is ranked 1️⃣ every year compared to private schools in Oxbridge. Not to mention how many Nobel Prize winners and British Prime Ministers it has trained. .

🏫Burgess Hill Girls School

International student ratio: 8%

Senior students can live in single rooms🥹 , and it is also very friendly to international students. There will also be special activities like Chinese New Year. Regular outings or hiking are organized every week. When you apply for university, you will also have one-on-one tutors and interview guidance from Oxford and Cambridge.

🏫Stonar School

International student ratio: 20%

Number of Chinese students: ☑️ 8

No. 1 in equestrianism in the UK, it not only has its own professional horse farm certified by the British Equestrian Association, but also has professional coaches and feeding teams. Every year, there are too many students to win equestrian awards. There are regular sports activities on weekends and occasional trips to London, Bath, Bristol and other places.

🏫Myddelton College

International student ratio: 20%

Number of Chinese students: ☑️ 18

We have weekends 🤩 and will organize a day trip or shopping. The school's sports department is quite strong. It has an academy that can train professional athletes and coaches, and it is also a training ground for triathlons. All coaches are at the national level and have rich coaching and competition experience.

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