Read this article about British private schools with few international students👇

🏫Adcote School

International student ratio: 20%

Number of Chinese students: ☑️ 10

The school pays attention to the development of girls. It not only provides arts and humanities courses and activities such as gymnastics, equestrian, art and performance, but also has excellent results in science and engineering. Every year, 65%-70% of graduates enter university to study STEM. suject. There are regular outings every weekend, and occasionally student trips or group activities are organized.

🏫Durham Cathedral School

International student ratio: 10%

Number of Chinese students: ☑️ 25

It is friendly to international students, provides free English tutoring, and is committed to improving students' IELTS English level from 5.5 to 7 in a short period of time. The school has a lot of activities, including the oldest rowing club in the UK, and organizes outings and field trips on weekends. Professors from Durham University often give lectures.

🏫Eton College

International student ratio: 10%

The favorite of the British royal family, the cradle of future gentlemen and leaders , it produces countless outstanding figures every year. While its academic achievements have always been among the best, it also attaches great importance to sports and art education. About 70% of its graduates enter the world's top universities every year.

🏫Woodhouse Grove School

International student ratio: 10%

The accommodation environment is very good and new, and will be renovated every one or two years. The school's specialty is STEM, and it achieved 77% A*B results in 2023. The school provides EPQ projects and various international competitions, cooperates with 7 companies to provide learning, and also has Oxbridge preparation classes❗️Students in this school will definitely have a lot of practical experience.

🏫Chigwell School

International student ratio: 7-10%

The school offers EPQ and The Williams Project to lay the foundation for high-quality universities. There is also the Oxbridge Medical Education Department, which provides interview coaching and additional teaching. The school has advanced and complete facilities, including a swimming pool, yoga room, and rock climbing gym. While students are excellent in academics, they also do not neglect sports.

🏫Rugby School

International student ratio: 10%

It is also one of the nine major public schools, ranked in the top 20 in the UK, and is the first school in British history to teach science. The school provides Oxbridge preparatory courses for outstanding students, with weekly tutoring as well as mock exams and interviews. On average, more than a dozen students can successfully enter Oxbridge universities every year.

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