🇬🇧Experience studying at the University of St. Andrews

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The study experience is here again. Today is the University of St. Andrews, the alma mater of Prince William and Princess Kate. It is an old and low-key university, and it is also a school with many top students. What is it like to study here? Let’s take a look at how Senior G. Said

Q:Introduce yourself

👧 : I studied in St. Ann’s for my second master’s degree in paleoanthropology.

Q: St. Ann’s world ranking is not high and your average score is probably not high.

👧 : No, although our school’s QS ranking is not high, it has a good reputation in the UK and is a prestigious school in the hearts of locals, so the admission to bar is still very high. I have a first-class degree. Our school does not expand enrollment and has high academic practicality. Small but refined ✌️

Q: Please introduce your school

👧 : Our school is integrated with the small town of St. Ann. You can see scattered throughout the town that the library is built on the seaside, and some teaching buildings are close to the golf course . The dormitory building has a history of a hundred years. 😎Teacher, I am also an undergraduate here 🇬 🇧But at that time, I felt that my teachers and students were both impetuous and perfunctory in class, relying on self-study after class . 📧The replies were not very timely, but the teachers at St. Ann really made me feel that they were obsessed with academics. The teacher really has deep knowledge in anthropology. I feel that there is nothing they don’t know. Students also spend time in the library every day. Maybe it’s because there are very few clubs and pubs in this small town and they can only study...

Q: Are there any inconveniences in living here?

👧 : There are really few people here🇨🇳 , so it’s a bit lonely and homesick. There are also very few in the Chinese Super League. I basically have to order online and wait two or three days for it to be delivered to me... It’s painful.

The above is the experience of studying at St. Ann. If you have any questions⬇️ kick us.

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