🇬🇧This is how you should play at Christmas to enjoy it

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The annual Christmas is coming🎄Britain is starting to do some interesting stuff again

🎄Light up

The Angel Lamp on Regent Street in London and the Star Lamp on Oxford Street are must-have items every year!

The lighting ceremony has ended, but every night when night falls, the lights will still be on to light up the night sky. Everyone can check in and take photos! 📷

PS: If you have a camera, the results will be better~

PPS: When the 🈶️red bus drives by, the color of the picture will be richer and the composition will be better!

Bond Street Lights Up 💡 11.17-2023.1.8

✨To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in September, the peacock lamp was replaced with a crown lamp

🎄Christmas Market

Let’s talk about some famous Christmas markets


📍Piccadilly Gardens is 🇬🇧 one of the largest Christmas markets

✨The warm yellow lights and brown wooden houses are decorated with bright red Christmas hats and green Christmas trees. The whole market is steaming.


📍Old Market Square and Trinity Market

✨The traditional German - style Christmas market has an amusement park, a 32-meter-high Ferris wheel🎡 and a ski slope🎿


📍East Princes Street and George Street

✨🉑️Buy Scottish souvenirs or take a romantic Ferris wheel overlooking the snowy scenery of Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town❄️

🎄Classic Manor

Downton Abbey Darcy Manor Churchill Manor has a special Christmas edition to experience how the British aristocrats of the old century celebrated Christmas💚

⚠️Christmas at Churchill Manor🤶Special Edition never disappoints every year. Last year’s Nutcracker theme, beautiful light show, immersive fairy tale world, this year’s Ice Queen theme  Each room in the room is carefully decorated  Unlocking the 🔓Winter Castle🏰 is so exciting!

🎄Christmas train

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (Santa express)

🕐 11.26-12.23

💖 Cheltenham Race Course Station-North Pole

✨The Christmas train will provide 🆓 meat pies, hot drinks, biscuits 🍪 and fruits, as well as Santa Claus 🎅 prepared for the children 🎁The conductors will decorate the train with Christmas decorations to create a great atmosphere. All children and adults are welcome to come and play!

🎄Winterwonderland London


✨The classic carnival that is a must-have Christmas event in London every year includes the Ferris wheel roller coaster 🎢 and ice skating ⛸️ There is a Victorian-style stage in the middle of the skating rink, surrounded by 100,000 lights, it is so dreamy

⚠️ Recently, a lot of off peak tickets have been released🉑️Go to the official website

Let us know which one you are most looking forward to below!

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