What is it like to study in high school in Cambridge❓

Everyone knows that Fried Fish’s teacher is responsible for sharing about studying abroad. Today Fried Fish brings you Abbey DLD Senior High School in Cambridge, England . Let’s take a look at what it’s like to study in high school in Cambridge❗️

Abbey DLD Senior High School is part of the Alpha Plus Group, the UK's largest and most successful private education institution, and is proud to provide " gold standard " educational services. The school's strong leadership and management and high-quality teaching resources will ensure that students can study with peace of mind and a very good learning environment.

✅Enrollment rate

🔥 63%A or A

🔥 70% of International Foundation Year students achieve an average of 70%

🔥 40 ➕Students have entered Oxford and Cambridge universities since 2010

🔥 50% admitted to Russell Group universities

🔥 18 students will be promoted to medical major in 2021🏥


  1. international education expert The school has many years of experience in teaching and supporting international students, and can work closely with students to develop personalized learning plans to help students achieve their academic goals.

2. Elite teacher team The teachers are all experienced full-time professional teachers who are experts in their respective fields and know the course content well.

3. Top test scores and admission status The scores of students in the college's many courses are among the best in the country. Many students have gone on to study at top renowned universities through our courses.

4. High-quality boarding conditions in the city For students studying abroad, a sense of belonging at home is crucial. Therefore, the school provides boarding conditions of the highest standards and puts the safety, security and comfort of students first.

5. Gaining experience beyond learning All three schools have arranged a variety of after-school and weekend club activities, most of which are free of charge. Encourage students to actively gain more experiences outside of the classroom and fully experience British culture and life.

✅Course settings

Academic courses, language courses, GCSE courses, A-level courses, physical arts

The above is all about studying in middle school in Cambridge. If you are interested, come and poke the fried fish teacher and apply now❤️

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