What is it like to study abroad for GCSE in a private school❓

Today, Mr. Fried Fish invited Senior Sister A to share the most real experience of attending Abbey Middle School GCSE . Let’s take a look~

❓Can you get used to studying abroad for GCSE directly from a domestic junior high school?

❗️ A : You can get used to it. It’s much easier than junior high school in China. Don’t be too happy when school is over at three or four o’clock! But if you don’t take a lunch break at noon, you will feel a little sleepy.

❓How is the school environment and dormitory environment?

❗️ A : The school environment is very modern and the teaching facilities are very new, like a high-end office building. The dormitory is standard for British dormitories. It is very clean and tidy. The windows are huge and the view from the high-rise buildings is particularly good. You can see the London Eye.

❓Are there any advantages for domestic students to study GCSE ?

❗️ A : I think so. The things we learn here are all what we learned in junior high school in China. The main thing is language conversion and expressing domestic things in English, but this also means that a large vocabulary is needed.

❓Have you encountered difficulties in class so far?

❗️ A : In the classroom, the teacher’s lecture speed is very fast. It is basically impossible to fully understand the first class. But I don’t have any difficulty communicating with teachers. Foreign teachers are very helpful and I can basically tell them any questions I have. They were also very patient and understanding of me when I couldn’t speak English well at first. Then science is a bit difficult for me. For example, some biology and chemistry subjects have a lot of English words that are very difficult. They are completely different from the way they are pronounced in China, and it takes a lot of time to memorize them. As long as you memorize the words well, it will be no more difficult than at home.

❓What is the difference between studying GCSE and taking classes in China?

❗️ A : The most obvious difference in the class is that there are fewer people, unlike in China where there are forty or fifty people crowded together. Then there is the difference in teaching content. In chemistry classes, experiments are done. Not only does the teacher demonstrate, but the teacher encourages students to do it themselves, which is quite interesting. There are also many models in the biology class, and we students are asked to learn to make them with plasticine, which is completely different from domestic teaching. The last thing is the difference in homework. The teacher will see how well each student is doing on their homework. If there is something they are not good at, the teacher will guide them to follow up and try to keep every student up to speed.

❓What would you like to tell the students who are about to take GCSE ?

❗️ A : Come on, you must hold on. Studying GCSE here is no more difficult than studying in China. Once you memorize the words, it will be almost the same as studying in China, or even easier.

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