What is it like to study at the University of Glasgow in the UK?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Hello friends , the long-awaited experience of a prestigious school is here again☕️

Today, the editor will introduce you to the University of Glasgow. A world - renowned university located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, it ranks 8️⃣1️⃣ among the top universities in the UK in the 2023 QS World University Rankings🔟 We have invited students majoring in Economics, International Banking and Finance Senior Sister Z feels the University of Glasgow in her eyes

Q: When you first arrived🇬🇧 , was your communication with the people around you smooth ? Did you encounter any language problems ?

👧 : We inevitably need to deal with locals So how to communicate with them 📢 Generally speaking, schools will organize many club activities 🎭 Try your best to participate ⚠️ Don’t worry about not being proficient in the language or saying the wrong thing and not daring to speak Even if the expression is not enough Accurate understanding is actually not a big problem⭕️but you must take the initiative to step out of your comfort zone to see progress🆙

Q: Do you encounter any problems in class, such as language, content, difficulty ? What is the teaching method ?

👧 : Listening to the class may take some time to adapt👀especially in terms of language🗣It is recommended to download the corresponding learning materials from the official website to preview before class📚It can better improve the efficiency of classroom learning📈As for the content and difficulty of learning✍🏻It is not clear at first It may not necessarily be advanced to the later stage⚠️The most important thing is to solve the language problem as early as possible🙌🏻Speed ​​up the process of adaptation❣️The class values ​​individual initiative👤It is best to come to class with questions💭Resolve specific doubts when the teacher is talking Produce independent thinking and comments📝Get timely feedback after class📌

Q: How is the teacher’s teaching quality❓

👧 : Teachers are very responsible🫶🏻Before class , all the learning materials and documents that need to be referenced for the next class will be uploaded on the public learning platform in advance👩🏻‍💻And different courses have corresponding professionalism in this field or direction. Strong doctors come to teach🎓so the teaching quality is still outstanding👍🏻

Q: How are the school’s facilities❓

👧 : The school is in a very old building 🏛 but the facilities inside are very new 💡 and the architectural style is noble and unique 🔨 Gaga makes a film 📸

Finally, the editor asked Sister Z about her deepest feelings after going abroad. She said that Glasgow is a city full of love...

When people with a Scottish accent find out that you are a foreigner, they will take the initiative to slow down their speaking speed to help you understand. The teacher will pay special attention to their oral expressions in class and explain them again in layman's terms. Spontaneous actions here do not feel the indifference caused by rushing for time in London, nor do you feel that the racial discrimination that others say will be cured little by little...

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