What to do if you encounter school violence in the UK

Recently, there have been an endless stream of movies and TV series about bullying. Teacher Fried Fish saw that some students were worried that they would encounter bullying when the school was about to start. Today, Teacher Fried Fish will talk about whether you will encounter bullying in the UK. And countermeasures. 🌟First of all, as far as the British education environment is concerned, there has always been zero tolerance for school violence. Schools will have special curriculum and special teachers to communicate. Good schools emphasize quality education and equal education. When recommending schools, the fried fish teachers are also recommended fairly and with high quality. 🌟For international students, when they first arrive in a new environment, they will inevitably encounter some unfriendly classmates. There may not be conflicts on the surface, but it may still happen in invisible places. Mr. Fried Fish suggested that you choose a boarding school. The management of boarding schools is more rigorous and teachers are available to take care of you 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, you can contact the teacher at any time. ❓What should you do if you inevitably encounter school violence? The definition of school violence on GOV.UK is: 1⃣️Repeated behavior 2⃣️Intentional mental and physical harm 3⃣️For students of different races, beliefs, and genders include: ⚫️Taunt ⚫️Threats ⚫️Get a nickname ⚫️Body harm ⚫️Internet violence If you encounter any of the above situations, please be sure to report it to the teacher first. If the school cannot solve it, you can report the school on GOV.UK. If the situation is serious, you can directly call the police 999. But don’t worry, the British education system has very strict laws on punishing school violence. The British government’s bill on protecting school students requires every school to have a complete anti-bullying policy, and Bullying prevention activities are held regularly. Once a bullying incident occurs, the school must deal with it quickly and illegal activities must be handed over to the police. If you encounter anything, please communicate with the teacher first. We strive to allow children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.
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