It is enough to have these bank cards in the UK!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

It’s September, are you all ready to go to the UK? Today I will tell you what kinds of bank cards are needed in the UK.

One month before entering the UK, apply for a ✨China🏦 Zhuojun Card This is a dedicated pound card 🆓Cash withdrawal with handling fee ~ can be used to 1⃣️Buy daily necessities online in advance before going to the UK 2⃣️Daily consumption before receiving a British bank card after arriving in the UK 3⃣️Emergency consumption when the pounds are used up

After arriving in the UK You need to apply for a local 🏦 card in the UK Here are some🏦 for you to choose~

Entity 🏦👇1⃣️Large -amount pound deposit 2⃣️Large -amount pound transfer 3⃣️Schengen signature bank statement


✔️Have an HSBC card in China Apply for an HSBC card in the UK Use HSBC🏦cross - border transfer🆓handling fee ❌HSBC is too " rigorous " The business processing cycle is long And the card gets locked at every turn (wry smile)

✨Lloyds pony

✔️The speed of applying for a card is fast The card will arrive in about a week 🉑️ There are many outlets ❌Cross -border transfers require handling fees

📖Application process: Apply directly on the official website of Pony Bank. Generally, you choose Classic Card and you need to fill in a lot of information (passport number, bank letter, etc.) It usually takes 3-5 working days to send a card online.

Virtual🏦👇1⃣️daily small consumption 2⃣️European travel consumption


✔️Equivalent to domestic Alipay Transfers between friends only require a touch of your phone Transfer money face to face  ❗️European travel Bank deductions will automatically calculate the exchange rate and there is no handling fee👍🏻

❌Deposits can only be made through the Post Office , and offline deposits cannot exceed 1,000 pounds in a year

⚠️Friends who want to control their living expenses can transfer living expenses from Pony Card to Starling card at a fixed monthly amount (transfer fees between British bank cards🈚️), bind Apple Pay and swipe Starling card every day.

📖Process : Open the app to apply for a new account, select Personal Account 👉Fill in your mobile phone number to register an account and verify it 👉Create an account and set a password 👉Fill in the required personal information 👉Upload files Include bank letter 👉Waiting for review

⭕️How to best prevent fraud?

✅Never disclose your 🏦 card information to anyone informally. You can memorize your CVV code and stick it with tape.

✅Don’t fill in Y Bank card information casually on unfamiliar / 🎣websites , etc., and don’t swipe your card in small supermarkets (owned by 🇮🇳 ) and remote gas stations. These places are hardest hit by fraud!

✅Try to take the minimum number of cards with you when you go out, and try to use PayPal and Apple pay when you go out.

✅Lock your card at any time! Especially Zhuo Junka Lock it up when not in use!

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