What is it like to study for GCSE at 🇬🇧North No. 1 Middle School❓

The seventh episode of the transfer experience of GCSE Queen Elizabeth Secondary School is here❗️Let ’s see what senior G wants to share with us~

Will it be difficult for me to join the class in January and study with the students from September last year? Did the school provide help?

❗️ G : I think the content I learned is not difficult, but the language conversion is a bit difficult. My vocabulary is too small, and sometimes the teacher takes a long time to respond to my lectures. But the teacher often asked me if I needed help. He was afraid that I wouldn’t understand English and would use a mobile phone translator to talk to me. I felt that I would be able to overcome it once I got used to it. When I first came here, I didn't dare speak English and kept silent. The school also arranged for a psychology teacher to meet with me and a Chinese translator. I was very touched.

Are you having trouble at school? How was it solved ?

❗️ G : The biggest difficulty now is that I don’t have enough vocabulary. I often don’t know how to express my thoughts. I have communicated this problem with the teacher. Her suggestion is to let me read more and communicate more with my classmates.

Are there any extracurricular activities at school?

❗️ G : In addition to the usual extracurricular sports, I participated in the activity camp held almost every month in the school last month, including outdoor sports, outdoor games, rock climbing, dodgeball, and treasure hunts. Dyeing T- shirts is quite interesting.

❓Are the school’s environmental facilities good?

❗️ G : It’s great. It has everything. It’s just too big. It takes half an hour to go back and forth to class every day. I really want to move the bed to the door of the classroom.

❓Do you usually have a lot of homework? Stressful?

❗️ G : Compared with homework in China, it can be said that there is no homework at all and it can be completed in one hour. But I feel that all my classmates are very good at studying. After finishing their homework, they will go to exercise. After I finish my homework every day, I will read or play on my mobile phone in the dormitory, and there is no pressure.

❓What would you like to say to students who are about to come to the UK to study for GCSE ?

❗️ G : Read more English books and accumulate vocabulary. Don’t be like me who can’t express yourself well. And I hope you won’t be afraid of studying abroad alone. Don’t be like me when I first came here. I didn’t want to talk to anyone in the new environment. My classmates are all very friendly.

Do you also want to come 🇬🇧 ​​to study GCSE ? Hurry✉️DD rice cake teacher~

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