What is it like to study GCSE at 🇬🇧Queen Elizabeth Secondary School❓

The fourth episode of GCSE Isabel Middle School experience is here❗️Let ’s take a look at what Senior Sister D is going to share today~

❓Are you encountering any difficulties in class now?

❗️ D : I haven’t encountered any difficulties so far. The teacher’s teaching quality is also very good and responsible. However, I am not very good at science and am a bit biased. But every time I ask the teacher, they will give me detailed answers.

❓What do you mainly study in class now?

❗️ D : Now I have learned fractions in mathematics, and I am now teaching writing in English. They are basically the contents I have learned in China. I also have a class on 3D art which I find very interesting. This course mainly allows us to research and investigate some artists and make blackboard newspapers for analysis, and then derive our own works based on their works. It is very interesting. Then the chemistry class will let us do experiments, which is very fun. In China, I can only watch the teacher do experiments.

❓Do you usually have a lot of homework? Atmosphere roll?

❗️ D : I don’t think the homework is much, but he will ask for quality rather than quantity. I think the atmosphere is quite good. During class, my classmates were quite serious and happy to answer my questions. I feel that most people are relatively flat, but this kind of flatness does not mean that it is difficult to learn, but Once you have finished learning the knowledge in the books and completing the homework assigned by the teacher, you will be considered as completing the task, and you will not ask other students for additional exams.

❓Are the school’s environmental facilities good?

❗️ D : The school is really big. I feel so tired even walking around the campus on weekends. The facilities are very complete, including swimming pools, football fields, basketball courts, and gyms.

❓What do you usually do on weekends?

❗️ D : I am a homebody. I often do my homework in the dormitory. When I get tired from writing, I go out for a walk and sit on the school lawn or the fountain to relax. Occasionally there will be activities, such as concerts, performances and so on.

❓What would you like to say to the students who are about to come to the UK to study for GCSE ?

❗️ D : Come on. Don't be afraid. When I first came here, I always felt that I wouldn't be able to adapt and would miss home. I was worried that my teachers and classmates wouldn't understand my spoken English. But after I came here, I realized that it's not that scary. Now I often talk to my family on the phone , and my teachers and classmates are also very enthusiastic.

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