What is it like to study Alevel at 🇬🇧 private school Abbey Secondary School?

The third part of the experience of transferring to Abbey Middle School Alevel in the second year is here❗️Let ’s see what senior C will share today~

❓Did you encounter any difficulties in class after transferring to Abe Middle School?

❗️ C : You will definitely encounter problems in class. If you have any academic questions, just ask the teacher directly. The teachers are very willing to answer students’ questions. In terms of language, I think there is no need to worry about not being able to understand if you have IELTS level 6 to 6.5 . Some academic terms may be difficult, so just memorize more words and take notes. The learning difficulty is not very high, but if you go directly to grade 13 , you need to have a strong foundation in grade 12 , otherwise it will be more tiring.

❓What is the difference between studying Alevel in the UK and studying in China?

❗️ C : The most obvious difference is the small class teaching in the UK, unlike in China where there are 40 or 50 people in a class. British teachers teach more slowly, and it may take them two or three classes to finish what they can finish in one class in China. The main reason is that the learning methods are different. British teachers will treat students as if they have zero basic knowledge, and they will teach things very slowly but in detail. Domestic teachers usually give a general lecture and then ask students to answer questions. I feel that the teaching model in the UK has a better foundation and can create a virtuous cycle.

❓What do you do on weekends and holidays?

❗️ C : On weekends, I usually stay in the dormitory, read books, and check my mailbox . If I don’t check my mailbox frequently, I will miss a lot of things. In the afternoon, I will go shopping in the city center to buy things and eat Chinese food, or go to the surrounding city of London. I will arrive very quickly by train. London has almost everything that is the same as in China.

❓Is the school dormitory environment good?

❗️ C : I think it’s very good. Some rooms are available in 40 to 50 square meters, which is very big in the UK. There are microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, sofas, etc., so you can move in with your bags. I feel that it is a very worthwhile dormitory environment in the UK.

❓What would you like to say to the students who are about to study Alevel ?

❗️ C : Just relax. The content of the class will not be difficult. It mainly involves mastering some proper nouns. Take lots of notes during class. If you have any questions, you can ask the teacher. The teacher here is still very enthusiastic. Don't worry about poor oral English. Since you are able to study in a private school, it means you still have a basic English. The teacher will understand you slowly. I go out for a walk more on weekends. The countryside scenery is very relaxing. If I want to eat Chinese food or drink milk tea, I go to London. The transportation here is very convenient.

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