What is it like to transfer to 🇬🇧Kent Middle School to study for Alevel❓

The fifth episode of Alevel Kent Secondary School Canterbrae’s transfer experience is here❗️Let ’s see what senior E wants to share with us~

❓Are you still adapting to the new school? Did you encounter any difficulties?

❗️ D : I am getting used to it in school, the accommodation environment is pretty good, and the teachers and classmates are also very friendly. The teachers will pay more attention to me as an international student, and occasionally ask me if I need help in my daily life. The biggest difficulty for me may be that British people don’t cook well. There are many types of meals that vary every day, and occasionally there is Chinese food.

❓Do you have any difficulties in studying? How was it solved ?

❗️ D : The most difficult thing for me is language. For example, there are many uncommon words in chemistry class. I need to know the Chinese translation of each one in order to apply the formulas I learned in China. I just need to read more and memorize them. That's good. It's also a good thing to have a larger vocabulary.

❓Are there any extracurricular activities in school besides studying?

❗️ D : Yes, there are clubs like yoga, badminton, trampoline, rowing, and track and field to choose from every afternoon. And on weekends, lower grade students are not allowed to go out. I can go shopping in the city center after getting my parents' permission. I heard from my classmate that I had organized several study tours to Europe before.

❓Are the school’s environmental facilities good?

❗️ D : I feel that the school is quite big. Although the facilities are not very new, they are very complete and have everything you need. I like the environment of Canterbury very much. It is a beautiful British-style town. There are several dormitory buildings, and each one seems to have its own guard dog. You can pet the dog after school.

❓Do you usually have a lot of homework? Stressful?

❗️ D : I feel like there is not much homework. I can finish it in an hour or two after returning to the dormitory after school. However, I feel that the daily schedule is actually quite full. I have to study and exercise, but it is nothing to me. It's much better at home.

❓Can you give some advice to students who are about to come to the UK to study for Alevel ?

❗️ D : Study English hard. It tests your vocabulary, but the things you learn are quite simple. Another thing is to develop some hobbies. There are still many extracurricular activities in the UK to avoid being uninterested in anything. The last thing is to enjoy more domestic food before coming here. The fast food varieties in the Chinese Super League here are also very good, so you can occasionally improve the food.

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