How to buy bedding in advance when studying in 🇬🇧UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍
It’s the beginning of the annual school season again I believe that all my friends are buying items now Ready to come🇬🇧 In the previous 📒 we shared with you our pre-trip luggage It was said there You don’t need bedding or anything else🙅‍♂️Buy it in China Then shipped to 🇬🇧 🇬🇧Available for sale And the quality is good So where can I buy these bedding products in the UK? Let me tell you


I have been in the UK for four years Two years old bedding Pillow bed sheet The pillowcases are all from Primark  Do not ask My question is, Primark is really good quality and cheap. These beddings only last one year I really don’t want to buy something too expensive Bedding 💰 14 💷around Pillows 💰 6 💷around Bed sheets and pillowcases ( cotton) Add up to 15 💷


Another 🇬🇧 good quality and cheap price Good home website The bedding 💰 is similar to that of Primark  You can also buy pots, pans, etc. the most important is! ❗️This website can deliver 30 💷Free shipping Two days before arriving in the UK Purchase some urgently needed daily necessities on the official website in advance Coming 🇬🇧 Even if it’s ✈️ midnight You can live with ease At least I can have a good sleep No!


I don’t need to introduce this too much! It can also be delivered ! 💰Slightly higher than the previous two But it’s the quality and the wide range of choices IKEA bedding is very comfortable I used it for a year Don't say That year my sleep quality improved to a whole new level!

John Lewis and white company

These two are more suitable for friends who pursue a high quality of life. Bedding average 💷 30 white company 💷 50  

The above is my experience in buying bedding in the past few years. Do you guys have any other useful websites to recommend? Say it quickly!

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