The world is drunk🇬🇧The vernacular of undergraduate preparatory courses (personal experience)⚠️

The following content only covers the British undergraduate preparatory courses within QS100. Both the school and the group said ✅Hurry up and @your good friend who is preparing to study abroad❗️As the editor, I also studied from the preparatory group, so I hope that someone like me can provide it. Your pertinent advice and personal experience✅

1️⃣Enrollment rate: I personally tend to think that this thing is a false proposition. From a God’s perspective, there are people who do not study in every school (whether it is a group or the school), but the preparatory course is a bridge course, and you need to pass You can only go to the undergraduate level, so do your own thing and study hard. Anyway, I attended the University of Manchester Group Preparatory School, and I still got 3 A*s and was admitted to the University of Manchester (I came from a public school, I believe many uu is an international school, you must know more than I did, and your English is better), so sometimes I feel that you have been brainwashed. If you want to go to this school, you should study hard.

2️⃣Why there are our school and group preparatory courses: the courses offered are different in majors. What can be guaranteed is that the group preparatory course will offer more majors than our school's ❗️Group preparatory course is suitable for: public school students/students who are not good at English/you want to study Students whose majors are not offered by our school/schools that only have group preparatory courses but not our own preparatory courses ✅Is the admission rate of our school’s preparatory courses higher than that of the group school? This is wrong❗️I have seen many KCL and Leeds schools who cannot advance (English requirements are high, basic Teachers treat you as a freshman), but many students from group preparatory courses can still get admission (ONCAMPUS preparatory courses can be promoted to KCL, which is somewhat simple, okay)

3️⃣What to study for the preparatory course: I won’t mention the specific courses. Anyway, if you are studying business, there is a high probability that you will not be able to escape mathematics (it is difficult for the third grade of junior high school and the first grade of high school) and economics (basically after reading Mankiw’s Principles of Economics💯 ) , business (memorize more and understand more), society (probably British politics and the like), if it is science and engineering, it is mathematics, advanced mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and the like. When I was studying in the preparatory course, some of my classmates were studying international trade, marketing, and financial accounting. The content of the preparatory course we studied was the same✅

4️⃣Whether you can apply to other universities after completing the preparatory course: Don’t think about G5. The rest depends on whether your preparatory course can be applied for by UCAS (fill in the application form). I remember that SG does not apply, but INTO, ONCAMPUS and Kaplan do. , in fact, it is recommended to choose some preparatory courses that can be applied through UCAS. Even if your grades do not meet the admission score of your current school, at least you can go to a school with similar rankings.

5️⃣Suggestion : To be honest, preparatory courses are not just for fun. The universities you want to study in the future are all famous. Don’t really think that these universities in the UK are very poor. At least the threshold is there, and it is impossible to let everyone People are coming in. If you take the preparatory course to undergraduate course, the preparatory course is the year you should study seriously (at least I am). Applying for the preparatory course is simple, but you can study it and enter the one you want to go to. Universities are the best among people, right ?

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