🇬🇧Great Easter events outside of London

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🇬🇧Easter is just around the corner and the two-week long holiday is beckoning to you. Have you figured out how to enjoy it? In addition to traveling to the European Schengen countries🇬🇧 , there are also many interesting activities nearby🎡~ In the previous article📒 we introduced the Easter activities in London. This time let’s talk about other cities!

✨Coventry Cathedral

Traditional worship to light the Easter flame🔥

April 7th at 05:15 and 10:30

Easter is a religious holiday. If you want to experience a serious Easter and increase your cultural and historical heritage, you can go to a church for a service.

🔥There are two ☝️ baptisms on the day. The second one is the baptism at dawn. The second one is the Holy Communion ceremony at noon. A holy fire will be lit in the ruins to celebrate the unquenchable light of Christ ✝️


Peter Rabbit Movie Event

⏰10 :00 on Easter Day

The Easter bunny refers to a hare rather than a domestic rabbit 🐰Because in 🇬🇧 people’s eyes, hares have strong reproductive capabilities and can be regarded as a symbol of life. Peter Rabbit movie events will be held in St. James Park


Horse racing🐎


More than 500 million people from more than 140 countries and regions watched the horse racing 🏇 jockeys from all over the country compete on the great lawn of Aintree.


Visit the hometown of Peter Rabbit, visit the world of Beatrix Potter , and ride a retro train on the Haverthwaite Railway on the lakeside🚄


Every April and October is the unique Gothic Festival in Whitby town. Go to the hilltop monastery to take pictures . Walk behind the pool to take pictures so you can take pictures of the reflection. You can also see the town and the sea at the same time. Go to St. Mary's Church. ⛪️Listen to the story of the vampire and then go to the Magpie Restaurant to eat the most delicious fish and chips in the UK🍟4 at the same time 🈷️There will be various egg hunts in Whitby Town🥚Activities are scattered in different locations in the town, etc. Go and find out~


April 14th 9:00-April 18th 22:00

This time is the Chocolate Festival in York. The whole city is full of sweet chocolate. Stroll through the Shambles and admire the exquisite chocolate works in the window of the Bettys Tea Room. At the same time, this tea room has the most delicious desserts and afternoon tea. You can also enjoy a feast. During the event, there will also be a chocolate market and a demonstration of on-site chocolate making.

PS: Remember to eat hot cross buns during Easter🥯This is a traditional Easter food🍞There will be a white "ten" on it. It is sold in major supermarkets in the UK. It tastes sweeter. There are 🍇dries on the bread🉑️Suitable to eat with jam Eating a light meal is a bit of a festive ritual

The above are the activities in major cities during Easter🇬🇧 . You are welcome to invite your friends below to have a lively spring Easter.

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