Should I choose top-up or pre-master's degree for college/self-study examination❓

The literacy post is here, everyone is welcome to eat it 🤪 . The advantages and disadvantages of each will be clearly written, as well as the following standards . You can check them by yourself❗️

Pre-Master's degree:

✅The schools I went to were basically ranked relatively high, and there were more choices in the range of qs70-qs150.

✅There is no need to apply for admission to a higher school, no need to check background, no need to read documents, only preparatory scores are required.

Better adapt to the environment and improve English proficiency (especially academic English)

✅College 🉑️Application , 🉑️Cross -major, 🉑️Low average score

❌Tuition fees will be higher compared to topup

❌Some schools have difficulties in entering into higher education, such as University of Bristol qs61

✅Low tuition fees

✅Bachelor degree

❌Poor ranking, well-known Coventry, Huddersfield, etc.

❌When applying for a top-ranked master's degree in the UK, the recognition is low (G5+Wang Man Aihua), and the application status is basically after QS150

❌It ’s hard to adapt. Topup is actually the last year of studying in English. The last year of academic courses. You are burdened with the situation of not being able to understand in class and not being able to write homework.

❌When applying for a master’s degree, if your top-up score is low, you won’t be able to get into a good master’s degree.

Admission standards for master's preparatory courses : 1⃣️ 3-year full-time college is the admission standard (4-year full-time undergraduate students with double non-low average scores can also be used ). Basically, 3-year full-time college can be admitted to Glasgow, Sheffield, etc. For admission to schools within 100, some majors do not depend on your college background. For example, Sheffield's finance and accounting preparatory majors, you can apply without looking at what you studied in college🈸️ . 2⃣️For some 5-year colleges, there is a high probability that they will not be able to go to such a top school due to visa and academic qualifications. Better schools include City University of London. If you are a part-time junior college (self-study junior college), you can consider Bradford, Leeds Beckett, etc. 3⃣️Self -study undergraduate case by case (mainly depends on whether you have dual certificates)

Topup Admission Standards✅ : Most schools (excluding projects) only accept applications from junior colleges with a minimum age of 2.5 years. Applicant schools include Sunderland, University of South Wales, Huddersfield, etc. Most of the applied majors are business majors. Topup is not applicable to students who already have an undergraduate degree❌ . Two-year college students may not be able to apply for topup (case by case).

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