🇬🇧How cool is it to be transferred to Queen Elizabeth Middle School to study PreA?

The sixth episode of PreA Queen Isabaugh Middle School’s transfer experience is here❗️Let ’s see what senior F wants to share with us~

Will it be difficult for me to join the class in January and study with the students from September last year? Did the school provide help?

❗️ F : I feel pretty good academically. Nothing I learn is difficult, and almost all of it is knowledge I have learned in China. The teacher paid special attention to me, an international student who joined the class, and asked me many times after class if I knew anything I didn’t know.

❓Have you encountered any difficulties at school? How was it solved ?

❗️ F : I didn’t encounter any difficulty in studying, and the teacher took good care of me. The biggest difficulty for me in life is missing home. When I first came here, I was in a completely unfamiliar environment. I had not made a friend yet and often felt very lonely . But my classmates were very friendly. I was afraid to open my mouth to communicate with others, but now I gradually dare to speak English to my classmates. The more I speak, the less embarrassed I feel about my accent.

❓Are there any extracurricular activities in the school?

❗️ F : In addition to the extracurricular clubs that almost every private school has, our school has a lot of trips, including one-day trips, multi-day trips and European trips. The teacher said there are more than a hundred trips a year, Midterm I also organized a skiing trip to Italy 🎿🙀 but I have only participated in one basketball game so far. I think it will be a one-day trip to Leeds next month, looking forward to it 🥰

❓Are the school’s environmental facilities good?

❗️ F : I can only say that both the campus and the dormitory are huge. My legs feel sore when I walk there. The facilities are very new and complete. The campus greening is very good. I often go to the grass to bask in the sun when I have nothing to do. UK The sun is so precious🥺Also , all bedrooms are equipped with air conditioners, and the senior dormitories even have stoves for cooking. I am so envious.

❓Do you usually have a lot of homework? Stressful?

❗️ F : For me, there is simply no homework. Although I have to go to class very early in the morning and do sports after school in the afternoon, I can finish my homework in one or two hours. The rest of the time is at our discretion. I usually stay in bed. I was lying down and browsing Douyin, although the network was a bit stuck.

❓What would you like to say to students who are about to come to the UK to study Pre A ?

❗️ F : Don’t be too nervous. Don’t be shy and afraid to talk to your classmates. Everyone is very friendly. Teachers will pay special attention to international students, so there is no need to worry about not being able to keep up with academic progress.

Do you also want to study PreA❓Hurry up and join ✉️Teacher Rice Cake~

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