Complete Guide to Undergraduate Foundation Studies at Queen Mary University

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Today is an introduction to Queen Mary University of London’s undergraduate preparatory program😊Queen Mary University is famous for economics, finance and law Student satisfaction reaches 98%

⚠️High school graduates do not need to apply directly🉑️ queen mary university Must 🈸️undergraduate preparatory course

⚠️It needs to be clear that the main purpose of the preparatory program is to prepare students who do not meet the requirements for direct admission to undergraduate studies for various reasons but want to receive higher education in the UK. Through one year of study , preparatory students can become familiar with the British education system and learning methods in order to better adapt to undergraduate studies .

✨Academic results

Business 👉Second year in high school 80% average score, 75% average score in the senior year of high school

Engineering 👉 does not accept high school diploma Completion of 75% in senior high school and an average of 75% or above in mathematics and related subjects

✨English score

The English requirement for preparatory students is usually an IELTS score of 5.5 or above, with no less than 5.0 in each item

✨Application materials

High school transcript, proof of language proficiency, a personal statement and a recommendation letter

❗️The personal statement is an important way for you to show yourself and prove your qualifications and desire to receive higher education. You need to invest enough time and energy to prepare

❗️After the application materials are prepared You need to apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service ( UCAS ). Complete all necessary information on UCAS📖 and upload your application materials The overall admission rate is above 80%

✨Admission requirements

In addition to the final score required Second semester scores and ISP ( self- study project ) scores are also required. Attendance rate is required to be 80%

❗️The entry requirements for economics and finance and law are the most stringent Second semester score required is 70 Admission to law may also require interviews and LNAT exams

✨Teaching method

17 hours of class time per week More than 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring with a personal tutor Can provide more targeted help

✨Tuition fees

Average 12200 💷 one year

Although applying for the preparatory course at Queen Mary University requires a series of steps, as long as you do every step well, you are very likely to get an offer! Submit the materials to our brother now Offer will be 🉑️🉐️ within 2⃣️ weeks ! If you are interested, act now!

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