Good news🎉 You will get a permanent residence green card after finishing secondary school in the UK❗️

Can you believe it❓From studying in a British secondary school to graduation, you can actually get a permanent residence for free❗️

The UK Immigration Department announced that from April 11, 2024, as long as you have lived in the UK for ten years and have been away from the UK for no more than six months (180 days) each year, you can directly apply for UK permanent residence❗️

❌The old policy that stipulated that the total absence time for permanent residence for ten years should not exceed 548 days (no more than 184 days for a single trip) has been abolished❌

❓Application requirements for ten-year permanent residence

🔘The applicant has lived legally in the UK for at least ten consecutive years

🔘The applicant has an uninterrupted ten-year legal residence period

🔘No unsuitable reasons were involved in granting permanent residence to the applicant

🔘No criminal conviction involved

🔘The applicant has not violated immigration laws by staying in the UK

🔘Applicants must meet the English language requirements and pass the Life in the UK test

✅Applicants must hold a valid <long-term> visa for ten years

✔️Student visa

✔️ PSW visa

✔️Spouse visa

✔️Accompanying visa

✔️Innovation Visa

✔️Global Talent Visa

✔️ Skilled Worker visa... and other long-term visas

👆Can be counted towards the ten-year permanent residency qualification period

❌Visitor visa

❌Short -term student visa

❌Seasonal Worker Visa

👆Cannot be counted towards the ten-year permanent residency period and interrupts the continuous residence period

The new policy is still being further improved, but it is obvious that the immigration policy has finally been relaxed . This good news is really a good deal for British middle school students .

1️⃣Go to study in the UK in the second grade of primary school

Four years of primary school + three years of junior high school 🟰 seven years

▫️Applicants under the age of 18 can live here for seven years and obtain permanent residency before high school

2️⃣First grade in the UK to study

Three years of junior high school + two years of GCSE + two years of Alevel + three years of undergraduate study🟰Ten years

▫️Applicants who are over 18 years old need to live for ten years to apply for permanent residence

⚠️The British secondary school diploma IGCSE can be accepted as evidence of language proficiency and can also be used to apply for other visas

😁The new policy means that as long as you come to the UK to study in the seventh or eighth grade or earlier, as long as you finish junior high school, undergraduate or graduate school, you will be given a permanent residence for free ‼ ️Are you tempted❓

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