🇬🇧How to prepare for the top private schools in the UK❓

Today we are going to talk about how to prepare for the top private schools in the UK starting from Exam type Exam content How to prepare for the exam Application timeline These four aspects 👇

Typical admission written test 🈶👇


It is divided into pre-test and common entrance.

✔️Test content: Mathematics, English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning

▫️Students need good reading comprehension and grammar knowledge. It is recommended to read more books on the top private school book list while practicing questions.


✔️Test content: English, writing, logical reasoning

▫️Not only does it examine students' language ability but also their academic potential. It is recommended that they make more preparations in basic English skills, such as improving vocabulary, familiarizing themselves with grammar, and enhancing their ability to express themselves.


✔️Test content: logical, verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning

▫️The test focuses on logical thinking ability based on English. It is recommended to do a lot of practice questions to increase vocabulary, familiarize yourself with question types, and cultivate logical thinking.

Preparations needed for interviews 🈶👇


✔️Assess students’ academic level based on their speaking, listening and writing skills.


✔️A student’s adaptability and conversation can be used to judge his or her character.

✅Logical thinking

✔️Examine students’ logical thinking ability through their conversation and adaptability.


✔️Understand students’ comprehensive qualities through their specialties and hobbies.

▫️Learn about the school and talk about your views and feelings about the school during the interview

▫️ Sort out your own characteristics so that the interviewer can see your strengths

▫️Bao Zheng maintains a positive and confident attitude in answering every question

▫️Try to have your own unique and positive insights on any problem

Regular application timeline for top private schools

✅Entrance age: 11+ (Year 7)/13+ (Year 9)

✅Application time: Year 5

✅First round of testing: October or November of Year 6

▪️Written entrance examination

✅The second round of testing in the spring and summer of Year 6

▪️Written test (mathematics, English, writing, etc.)


▪️Group activities

⚠️The specific requirements of each school are different, but the only common point is that you must apply as early as possible‼

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