How to quickly improve your academic qualifications⬆️College students can also study for British undergraduate and master’s degrees🙋

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Pathways to master's degree

1️⃣Enter the master's program after one year of master's preparatory studies

2️⃣Get an undergraduate degree through 1-year TOPUP and then apply for a master's degree course

How to choose between these two paths❓

🟥Master 's Preparatory Course

🔹Which universities offer master’s preparatory courses💻

University of Glasgow (QS76), University of Birmingham (QS84), University of Sheffield (QS104), University of Newcastle (QS110), University of Exeter (QS153), etc.


🔹Which schools offer Top-up courses?

University of Kent (QS336) Oxford Bruce University (QS413) University of Essex (QS459) University of Plymouth (QS561), Nottingham Trent University (QS595), Bournemouth University (QS731), etc.

🌟Master 's Preparatory Course🆚 TOP-UP

1️⃣Professional direction

❗️ Top-up: It is not convenient to change majors. The courses students apply for must be similar to domestic majors⚠️

❗️Master 's preparatory course: easy to change majors✅There are usually no strict requirements for students ' first major🆗So you can also apply across majors

2️⃣Class start time

❗️ Top-up: Course starts in September

❗️Master ’s Preparatory Course: The course starts in September or January of the following year, which is more flexible

3⃣️School selection:

❗️ Top-up: The QS rankings of the schools you can choose are basically above 300, and there are few schools you can choose from.

❗️Master 's preparatory program: College students also have the opportunity to enter QS100 universities, such as the University of Glasgow

4⃣️Comparative analysis:

🔎 Top-up schools that can apply are not ranked high

Most of the QS rankings of top-up schools are outside 300. Coventry University, which is ranked around 500 , is basically a good top-up university🔝

🔎 Top-up is difficult to get high scores

As a bridging course, the master's preparatory course only has a few very basic courses, while the top-up courses are serious undergraduate courses📚It is more difficult to obtain the first-class results of undergraduate courses in pure English in only one year

🔎The admission requirements for pre-master’s degree are clear

As long as you meet the grades or rankings after completing the master's preparatory course, you can steadily advance to the master's program👏🏻

🔎 Top-up can get one more undergraduate degree than the master 's preparatory program✅

After finishing Top-up, you can get one more undergraduate degree than the master's preparatory program. If junior college students mind skipping the intermediate undergraduate degree by studying for the master's preparatory program, they can choose Top-up, but the schools they can choose will be relatively low.

The above is the analysis about master's preparatory course and Top-up. Based on your own situation analysis, I would like to study 🈸️🇬🇧preparatory course or Top-up. In the background, ✉️ beep, submit the materials now, and if you are quick, you will get an offer the next day~

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