How to apply for a British secondary school to help you understand❗️Super simple❗️

The application season is here again. Today, Teacher Fried Fish will talk about the steps and suggestions for applying to British middle schools~

✅The British academic system is different from that in China. The admissions nodes for applying for admission are:

Year 7 🔛 11+ (equivalent to sixth grade in China)

Year 9 🔛 13+ (equivalent to the second grade of junior high school in China)

Year 12 🔛 16+ (equivalent to the second year of high school in China)

These three admissions nodes correspond to different entrance exams for 11+ , 13+ and 16+ . It is recommended to prepare at least one to two years in advance.

✅Timeline for applying for 24fall13+ :

🔘 The application deadline is October 23

🔘 The 1st round of entrance test from November to December 2024

🔘 The first round of test results will be announced from December to January 2024

🔘 The 2nd round of entrance test in January 24

🔘 Interview in February 24

🔘 Accepted offer in March 24

⚠️The timeline of each school will be different

✅How do international students apply for 13+ ?

🔘Complete the second or third grade of junior high school

🔘Develop more hobbies and practical experiences

🔘Write a self-introduction (any specialties, awards, experiences, etc.)

🔘Complete IELTS or TOEFL test (some schools accept internal testing)

🔘Issue a certificate of enrollment and a letter of recommendation from the teacher✉️

🔘Issue transcripts for each stage (average score 75+ )

🔘Complete the school entrance written test and interview

⚠️The most important thing is to prepare in advance❗at least one or two years in advance❗️

✅How to plan the application?

🔘One year before admission:

📖 5 months ago - Take various exams and work hard to improve your scores.

📖 May -September - Continue to brush up scores, participate in practical activities, visit schools on open days, and make school choices.

📖 September -October - the school will review application materials

📖 Participate in the school’s entrance written test➕interview from November to February

🔘Year of admission:

📖 February - Obtain the admission notice and pay the deposit

📖 March - May - CAS issuance

📖 May -August - Visa application

📖Enrollment in September

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , welcome Didi

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