How to choose a 🇬🇧study abroad consultant❓

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍
In this issue of How to Choose a Study Abroad Consultant ❗️Everyone must be dazzled. They say this and that😮‍💨 , and the editor is also bored😭 . I hope to teach you the following tips to teach you how to choose a study abroad consultant (agency)


You can ask your friends around you to see if they have met people with completely different attitudes before and after giving 💰 . You can check out the lightning protection posts... I won’t go into details here, just ask from people around you to compare. Be more reliable. Keep your eyes peeled for what the navy says. Don’t believe it all, and don’t believe it at all.


Everyone knows their own level. You can ask more questions and think more about it. If someone tells you that Shuangfei can be admitted to G5 popular majors, then you should weigh it yourself. I am not saying it is impossible, but think about it. What are the chances? Or if someone tells you that your average score is relatively low, but you decide for several schools but you feel you can’t get into it, and then add a guaranteed school, then you have a high chance of getting into that guaranteed school. Then it is natural to let it go... 😮‍💨


We currently have a large number of inquiries from parents 🇬🇧High school and preparatory courses. Parents, please come here❗️Big data will be pushed to parents❗️We will take care of parents’ concerns . In addition to direct contact with schools (no third parties) ) In addition, we are in the UK and can see the school in real time. If students have any questions , they can communicate with us without time difference. We will also update parents in time❗️

4⃣️Documents and intern

Frankly speaking, these are things for later. Speaking from the perspective of a veteran, pass the list first, then pass the scores, and then look at the essay and intern. If you haven’t even passed the list, don’t participate in those scientific research or interns. They are all bought, who doesn’t know? 💰In the end, it was of no help or use... If you have passed the first two items, we are a professional 🐮 . A British girl who graduated from Oxford University with a major in English literature drafted and revised the manuscript herself. Intern is a matter of opinion. It's better to have it than not, but it's not necessary.

5⃣️After sales

We are not just sending you here, we also have many follow-up resources for our UUs ​​to enjoy, such as entry guide, life guide, academic appeals, and offline activities ~

If you still have any questions about how to choose an agency, welcome to chat ~ If you also want to study abroad, you can also dd 👍

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