Senior sister takes you to experience the Business Management major at the University of Leeds

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue is still the study experience column that Wang Wanwan 🔝 TOP1 pays attention to 📨 . In response to the request of young fans, in this issue we invited Anna from the University of Leeds to share her study life at the University of Leeds 🎉👏🏼 ~

🈸️Application background

Leeds University International Foundation Year direct entry✋🏻

📑Study major

Business Management BABusiness Management BA

📚Course settings

The Year 1 course focuses on basic knowledge of management, and also includes accounting (a bit difficult😿 ), economics and other related knowledge.

The Year 2 course focuses on the basic knowledge of marketing, supported by the theoretical knowledge in the previous year, to further understand the impact of management decisions on organizations, businesses and society (there are many theories 😦 ).

The important task in Year 3 is the graduation thesis. The elective modules are very rich and you can explore advertising, business, marketing, etc. In addition, if you choose the contemporary management consulting module in the third year, you will be eligible to obtain the CMI Level 5 professional certificate.

💟Study experience

For me personally, I have just started the adaptation stage of studying abroad . Although the courses are not as many as those in the second year, it is still quite difficult in the initial stage of dealing with study matters. During this process, I am really grateful to my personal tutor 😭 who has been patiently answering my questions about my homework. In the second year, I have fully adapted to the life of studying abroad, and the courses have begun to enter the arduous stage. Although completing each learning task is relatively smooth😜 , there is still a lot of pressure to deal with them all. When I was about to graduate, I followed my mentor and participated in his work project. Overall, my past few years in Leeds have been very enriching and I have made great progress, not only in terms of study, but also in my own personal growth💯 .

The above is the study experience brought by Anna, a graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Leeds! Which major do you want to know more about? Let us know in the comment area ‼ ️About the registration method for the International Foundation Year at the University of Leeds, you can also get it from us~

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