Senior sister takes you to experience the master's degree in engineering at the University of Manchester

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The guest we invited to be interviewed today is a senior student from the University of Manchester. She will tell the students in detail about her study experience in the Development Project Management and Implementation major at the University of Manchester.

🎓Application background

Hainan Univeristy 

Public relations major, average score of 86.1, 2 related internships

first impression

My first impression of Manchester City was that it was very industrial , because Manchester City is a relatively large city in the UK, so the urban construction here is one of the top places in the UK besides London that I feel is more like home. Not to mention the University of Manchester, the campus is huge and impressive hahaha. In addition, the academic atmosphere is strong, and the library was always full during my school days, especially at the end of the semester when I had to reserve a seat in advance.

⁉️Why choose University of Manchester?

The first reason is definitely because the QS ranking is high haha . Because I have to consider finding a job in the future, I will give priority to the school ranking. Secondly, because the University of Manchester is easier to apply for than G5 colleges, and because my average score is not particularly high, the University of Manchester is already a good choice for me. In addition, the more important point is that I read the course introduction in detail before applying for this major. It was very suitable for my interests, so I applied .

School activities

While studying, I participated in a charity sale organized by a professional organization, which was a practical part of the strategic project organization course. I raised funds through second-hand charity sales and donated the proceeds to nursing homes. The whole project was conducted in a group manner. This activity was very impressive to me, because not only could I convert the theoretical knowledge I had learned into practice, but also because this activity was very meaningful and important to me. Said it had a great impact.

Professional advantages

One class I particularly like is Financing projects, Risk Management (students can take notes, hehe ). Because it is related to my undergraduate major, it will allow me to think more deeply when writing my thesis. What’s more, the great thing about this major is that there are many elective courses, and you can choose courses from the business school. For students of the School of Environmental Development, this is a very cost-effective major. In their spare time, the college also often organizes field trips , where you can visit and study various places. It is also a good choice for students to improve their spoken English and increase social interaction. I remember that Fieldtrip once organized a visit to a trust foundation. This activity allowed me to understand the operation model of British trust funds, which was very useful.

The above is the study experience brought by the engineering students from the University of Manchester. If you are interested in which college or major, you can tell us in the comment area.

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