🇬🇧Senior sister will take you to experience the media major of Newcastle University

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

This issue returns to Wang Wanwan’s classic channel🙋🏻‍♀️ - British seniors’ study experience. We invited Killy, a senior from Newcastle , to introduce her study life in Newcastle to the students👏🏻 .

🈸️Application background

Direct application for one-year matriculation in the UK

🏫School and major studied

Media, Communication and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University

📚Course settings

The three-year course focuses on how media affects culture, society and individuals. The course content, including compulsory and elective courses, has 4 directions ➡️ Journalism, Public Relations, Documentary Production and Marketing. The pictures of the compulsory and elective courses for the three semesters are as above. The first year mainly focuses on the basic subject content of communication. The second year's compulsory courses include research methods to prepare for the graduation thesis. The final year is about writing a graduation thesis on a self-selected topic🖊 . In addition to the compulsory courses, the elective courses in this major are very exciting ‼ ️It can be said that all media-related content is included✌🏻 . Students can make choices based on their personal interests and their own development💁🏻‍♀️ . I chose film-related content among my elective courses.

🧏🏻‍♀️Study experience

The three-year course is moderately intensive, because I have studied for one year as a preparatory course and learned basic knowledge related to the major during the preparatory course. This will help me get started better during my undergraduate studies. Adapt to the British learning rhythm💯 . There is also more emphasis on individual subjective initiative . It is recommended to go to the library to study with classmates who are more proficient, which will further stimulate your own learning motivation💪🏻 . Overall, the content covered by this major includes my interests and basic subject knowledge, so I would rate the study experience of this major relatively highly👍🏻 .

The above is the experience of studying the undergraduate media major in Newcastle brought to the students by Killy. If you have any questions about applying for the undergraduate media major in the UK, you can tell us in the comment area 🪧 and backstage 📬 ~

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