A must-have website for studying in the UK that is my favorite! Stop it quickly!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

In this issue, the editor has sorted out the study websites that you need to use to study in the UK. You can study efficiently without fear of difficulties, mainly focusing on the content of academic papers📝


Mainly aimed at English expressions and usage in academic papers, this editor is a must-have tool for catching up . Especially for students who have just come to the UK and are new to English paper writing, this website can be said to be a treasure 🤞🏻 . It can help you correct basic grammatical errors, provide revision suggestions, and teach you to write papers with academic thinking.

Manchester phrasebank

This is a website introduced by my language teacher when I was in school. It is similar to an academic phrase bank📋 , which can provide examples for basic wording in your paper🔖, especially some professional academic expressions. It is recommended that you use this website to accumulate before your due date ✏️ , such as memorizing words or accumulating phrases, so that you don’t have to worry when you are due, and you can blurt out professional academic expressions 👏🏼 !


Similar to a library search engine, you can search for business magazines 📃 , such as The Economist. or other documents. This online library is rich in content and can be used for daily reading, which is very convenient💯 ~


This is also one of the commonly used tools for reference search, including many academic journals, excerpts from published books, research reports, etc. In paper writing, in addition to the reading list given to us by the teacher, we also need to refer to the literature we are looking for. This website can provide options for literature in related fields based on the articles you search, saving time and effort🥰 .


The TOP1 translation software that the editor has used ‼ ️Considered it is a more accurate translation software and can be replaced with synonyms🆗 . In the writing of academic papers, we often encounter the conversion of synonyms into synonyms that we do not know. We can use translation tools to help us expand our thinking. But although the software is good, don’t be lazy when writing papers🙅

Cite this for me

Students who have already written a paper know that the most troublesome step in writing a paper is to organize the literature review, because the UK has very strict format requirements for literature reviews (each school is different, it is recommended to refer to your school account Confirm the format type). With this tool for organizing bibliography, it can save you a lot of time🕑 . Of course, you still need to double check it yourself.

The above are some study tools that are often used when studying in the UK and writing papers. It is recommended to save them 🙋🏼‍♀️ and slowly explore the ones that suit you while studying ~ If you have any questions about 🇬🇧 study and life, you can Tell us in the comments section!

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