Senior sister said: You must know these things about the University of Birmingham

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

Regarding the University of Birmingham, everyone’s general understanding of it is that it is the first red brick university in the UK. Its business school is even more famous. It is the first business school in the UK and has obtained AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS at the same time. The accredited elite business school has attracted many students from home and abroad to study. However, for senior J of BS Finance and Accounting , the experience of studying at the University of Pittsburgh Business School seems to be unsatisfactory ~

Q : What do you think of your school’s infrastructure?

👦 : The infrastructure of our school is really good. We have a 24- hour library 📖 with abundant resources and electronic equipment. At the same time, we also have a swimming and fitness building with huge floor-to-ceiling windows🏊‍♀️ At the same time, we also have our own luxurious gallery with paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso! And it's very quiet. I like to sit there and be in a daze. It has a feeling of purifying my soul.

Q: As a prestigious elite business school, how is the teaching quality of your business school?

👦 : Apart from average, I can’t think of a second word to describe it. Anyway, it gave me a bad experience. There is a teacher in our accounting class who is quite frustrating. He gets the questions wrong and doesn't give answers to the exercises. At the same time, this teacher looked down on Chinese students and would deliberately give us low marks. We all went to the school to complain, but it was useless. The school’s attitude was also very bad, so my average score in my junior year was very low. Very annoying. The other problem is the online exam in our school. For example, the University of Manchester takes the exam directly online, but there is a course in our major that requires us to take the exam offline. It is useless for parents to come forward to help solve it. I came to the UK last month . Just for this exam, I can’t go back to my country now even if I want to! Moreover, most of the teachers I met were very good at water skiing. They just read from the ppt in class . The test content has nothing to do with the ppt . They all rely on self-study ...

❗️ Q: How about Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK after London ?

👦 : It’s quite boring, there are few things to do, but our train station is very beautiful, you can check in hhh and we are located in the heart of the UK, so the transportation is very convenient, it is very convenient to go to Manchester City and London, srds Birmingham is boring, But you can go out and play! The Chinese food here is pretty good, I will always love Double Happiness! Everyone go and eat! Birmingham is a culturally tolerant city where people of different races come together. But I think Birmingham is quite dangerous. I used to have a friend who lived in a house . A group of people were fighting in front of the house. One person stabbed another person ... and my friend saw it with his own eyes.

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