The senior sister said: You must know these things about the University of Liverpool!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

It’s another annual year and the senior sister said, this time we have invited senior G from the BA communication major at the School of Art, University of Liverpool. What does the University of Liverpool look like to her?

Q: Could you please introduce your academic background?

👧 : I am from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 2 2 went to the University of Liverpool as an exchange student

Q: Is there any difference between this kind of Sino-foreign cooperative education and the real British school? Are the resources enjoyed the same?

👧 : 2 The 2 in front of 2 , the freshman is the preparatory course in the British system, and the sophomore is the freshman. When we exchange, it is the sophomore in the British system. The two courses and the teacher's teaching methods, and The difference in lifestyle may make the connection a little difficult at the beginning . For other things, I personally think there is no difference. On the contrary, we have passed the serious college entrance examination, and the quality of the students is also very different. Secondly, we went to the University of Liverpool 2⃣️ and the tuition was 20% off. We enjoyed all the resources of the University just like the original students of the University. The teachers will not put any filter on you just because you are exchanged. Deliberately score low Furthermore, when applying for postgraduate studies , the degree certificate we got is from the University of Liverpool. We are "decent " British graduates , so the advantages of applying for postgraduate studies are definitely greater than those of mainland students, and there are many majors. All schools are exempt from IELTS, which is great

❗️ Q: How is the University of Liverpool?

👧 : If you want to talk about the scenery, it’s not that great. There is only one particularly beautiful and impressive red building, but everything else is just average! There is no big lawn and no big geese . I feel that our school is more modern, modern and ugly ... and not big hahaha If you want to talk about teaching resources, I feel that the teachers in our school have very high academic quality! They made me feel that they really love academics! for example Our college had a Christmas special one year , in which teachers from the English department recited their favorite prose poems to send holiday greetings. I thought it was very romantic! And if I have any academic questions to ask the teachers, the teachers will answer them very patiently. Even if it is something they are not sure about, they will give me a reply after carefully reading a lot of literature. I often discuss ideals with teachers in my interactions with them Religion and race. From these discussions, I see a bigger world. Our school also has some employment seminars such as spring and autumn recruitment, and employment resources are also good.

❗️ Q: How is the city of Liverpool?

👧 : The weather is not good, it’s freezing in Liverpool! That wind gave me a headache for two years! And have you ever seen hail in the spring? I have seen people hit directly in the face by hail! However, as a port city in Liverpool, the sea is really beautiful. Choose a sunny day to see the sea. The sea is really blue! The sea and the sky are the same color! And the Chinese food in Liverpool is really delicious! Zhang Ji, lazy egg yyds, I often miss the Chinese food in Liverpool and drool for countless nights.

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