The senior sister said: You must know these things about the University of Warwick!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

It’s the annual application season again, and many students are beginning to struggle with the choices of major schools and majors. In this regard, we have specially opened this column to invite seniors from some schools to introduce them from their perspectives. The school and the city where it is located, hope to provide you with some useful reference value ~ In this issue we have invited Cersei , a student from the MS business with consulting major at the University of Warwick Business School What does the University of Warwick look like to her?

Q: Could you please introduce your undergraduate academic background?

👧 : I am a 2+2 graduate from the UK . My undergraduate degree is accounting , with an average score of 70

Q: What do you think of your school? For example, the geographical environment, teaching staff, and some resources provided by the school?

👧 : Our school is quite remote. It takes about half an hour by bus from the center of Coventry. However, our school has big geese , which are very original. Hahaha , we just say that being a goose in Warwick is very happy. Being a student is a joy. Very bitter. As for the teachers at Warwick, I personally think they are pretty good. When I write papers, I often quote our teachers’ academic journals hhh , and our teachers are double standards (I don’t mean to say bad! (To be honest, there are classes and exams) They are very strict during class, but if there are any questions after class, they will answer them patiently and are very responsible. I don’t know about school resources and other majors, but the great thing about our WBS is our employment resources, the Big Four, FMCG Well-known investment banks often come to our school to give lectures. Our college is a target school for many investment banks (akimbo!), and this diploma is very good when you get it back home. Our college is on the white list of top investment banks, and our competitiveness is comparable to 985 211 Okay! However, the majors in our college are very expensive , 30,000 ➕ pounds per year , and they are rising every year

Q: Are there many Chinese people in your school?

👧 : There are so many, especially wbs , and my classmates are basically all domestic 985 211 students . You can imagine how many volumes there are! Even if someone is better than you and works harder than you, even if you want to fail,

Q: What is Coventry like as a city?

👧 : Except for the village, there is nothing else ... We are not close to the sea, the wind is not bad, not too strong, the hairline can barely be saved , and our security is very good, there are drunkards , thieves, There isn't much racial prejudice and it's a relatively comfortable town, but that doesn't mean you can go out for a walk in the middle of the night! I have to say, the Chinese food in Coventry is the best in the UK. I won’t accept any refutation. Tip from the old chef in Chang’an Qilixiang Little Fat Man Crazy Door Private Chef yyds!!! Welcome everyone to come and eat in Coventry, because apart from the delicious food, Coventry has nothing to offer, and there is nothing to do or go shopping in. I can only say that it is a city where you can concentrate on studying ... If you want to stay here, stay here In the city center, for ensuite 140-150 pounds a week, life is convenient, the school is quite desolate ... srds , we have a lot of early classes, and every time we get up early to go to school, it is a tug of war with the bed, so painful!

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