Senior sister said: You must know these things about the University of Sussex!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Hello friends The long-awaited experience of a famous school is here again ~ Today we focus on the southernmost part of the UK  The University of Sussex, the famous gay city in the UK , is a new flat glass university ranked 226th in the QS ranking in 2022🤩We invited Sister Z who majored in BS business and management Let’s take a look at her story with the University of Sussex ~

❗️ Q: Why did you come to this school?

👧 : Two reasons Our school is near the sea So the climate is pleasant And in the southernmost part of the UK Brighton is recognized as the sunniest place in the world. Not cold at all It’s not easy to emo even when there’s plenty of sunshine 😂 Another reason is that I heard that Brighton is a gay city. Lots of handsome guys and thieves Then I can’t come and see the beauty with my own eyes👨😍

❗️ Q: Is your school located in the center of Brighton?

👧 : Not here Falmer a small town next to Brighton The campus environment is pretty good It’s 🇬🇧 pastoral style Lots of lawns and green spaces High green coverage There are also little hares 🐰 and raccoons 🐻 that can be seen everywhere  It can be said that it is quite close to nature👍 About 25 minutes from Brighton city center 🚌 The transportation is very convenient Both 🚄 and 🚌 are available For accommodation, there are rooms in Falmer and in the city center. Living in the city center will make it more convenient for fun, shopping and life. But if you have a lot of classes, it is recommended to live near the campus! Room 💰ah I feel that the house prices in the South are better than those in London They’re all about 150pw to 200pw.

❗️ Q: Are there many Chinese people in your school?

👧 : Except business school The proportion of 🇨🇳 students in other colleges is quite low. But I haven't heard of any cliques. I feel like the students and teachers here are very Buddhist. Maybe it's because our school is built on a mountain Away from the hustle and bustle of the world Rather isolated from the world  So people here are in a state of being obsessed with academics or life. 

In fact, the editor also asked Sister Z about some shortcomings or surprises of the University of Sussex. But Senior Sister Z said no She said her three years at the University of Sussex were like a dream There is a land of Oz in the dream You can be a free and secret happiness here👸🏻 There is also a vast and boundless sea🌊 Under the nourishment of sunshine☀️rain and dew, you can forget all your worries She said her past three years have been blurry and real. What was vague was that everything she experienced seemed to happen in a dream. Real because those happiness are real She was indeed cured 

Is there anything else you want to know about 🇬🇧famous schools? Everyone is welcome to trust us backstage! Quickly arrange a wave for everyone!

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