Senior sister said: What you must know about UAL

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

UAL , University of the Arts London, is a university specializing in art located in 🇬🇧London It brings together outstanding alumni such as the godfather of fashion, Alexander McQueen and Dior chief designer John Galliano. It is one of the best art schools in the world I think of the editor who was deeply influenced by the movie "The Devil Wears Prada " I also applied for UAL with a fashion dream and the result ... 😭 So UAL has become an elusive dream for me. So what is it like to study at Lunyi? Let us join the curious editor to follow Sister L , who majors in visual communication, to find out.

❗️ Q : Why did you choose to come to UAL in the first place?

👧 : The top 2 universities in the UK and the top 5 universities in the world sent me an offer . Why don’t you go? UAL is notoriously difficult to get into. Many people applied The professional level is also high Naturally, a rising tide lifts all boats ~ I submitted a portfolio Participated in another round of interviews Just entered 👍

❗️ Q : Do you have many classes and due ? busy or not

👧 : The class was okay After all, since we are MAs , we don’t have that many classes anymore. More research on one’s own direction The teacher is only there for guidance Most of our classes are theory classes To study equal rights sexual minorities environmental protection metaverse Social problems due to the capitalist platform and so on Quite a lot The end of theoretical research is drawing (some pseudoscience (Of course, I am very busy with essays anyway. Our teachers will also check our research progress periodically See if there is any lag or if the research direction is wrong. If you haven’t started liver duet at that time, The teacher will make him angry 

❗️ Q : What do you think is the difference between designing in London and other cities?

👧 : I like London so much London's art is at its richest and cutting-edge Like I have been to many museums and art galleries in other countries The results they exhibited were already very outdated.

❗️ Q : What did you learn the most from UAL ?

👧 : Let’s learn how to do it Because we study independently and then discuss it with the teacher This way you will know what problems you have 🉑️Correction in time That is, self study , which is different in China. In China, more teachers give direction. Do more research Foreign teachers will pay more attention to what you think Then we will coach you to make your ideas more perfect In China, more attention is paid to what teachers think The research direction is also more suitable for him. and People here are generally more innovative in their ideas. For example, my research direction is related to equal rights. Need to conduct interviews with local societies Their answers and ideas are relatively cutting-edge and novel Gave me a new understanding

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