The senior sister said: You must know these things about whether UCL is a good school or not!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

UCL 's Bartlett School of Architecture is the school that competes with Harvard for the first place in architecture. For architecture students, it is YYDS . However, there are also some controversies about " Bartlett School is very popular " . So is this school the rumored one? " Water Courtyard " ? This time we invited senior student Z from msc digital innovation in bulk asset management of Bayan University, senior student d from real estate-related majors, and senior student L from related majors in space planning to see what they think about " whether Bayuan University is good or not? " Let’s start a discussion on this topic~

q : About the teacher

z : Our teachers have very strong academic abilities. Many CEOs in related fields in London know our teachers. I went to a seminar before and they all knew who the teachers in our major were. However, our teachers are not very responsible. Many of them know who our teachers are. The seminar and tutorial are all led by PhDs

d : Let me tell you this, our FYP meets once a month , and each person meets for 30 minutes at a time. Other colleges ( or majors) may meet four times a month ... Do you feel responsible?

l : Our teachers basically push you to learn. The content of our major is very difficult, so we basically rely on the teacher’s step-by-step instruction.

q : About the course content

z : Our course content is useful if you study it carefully, but there is not much content taught in class. You basically rely on self-study after class to cope with the exam.

d : We take one class a week, and then we take a two-week break.

l : We have classes a week for a month. There is too much content in one class and it takes a month to digest it, but it’s okay (?). It’s within the acceptable range. It’s not particularly tiring. I can still study hard . The play hard curriculum is very good and very practical.

q : About the threshold

z : Our majors are basically all Chinese students. Most of them have English backgrounds and Sino-foreign cooperation backgrounds, but there are also Chinese students, and their average scores are very high! The threshold for our profession is quite high and quite demanding.

d : Many people in our major and even other majors applied with low scores ( 50+ in English ), so I think there are indeed many majors in Bayan that are very good.

l : I graduated with a first-class degree from Sino-Foreign Cooperation 4+0 , and I also submitted a portfolio. I think there are many big names in our major, and many of them have made certain achievements in their own fields and then came to study for master's degree . I They all hugged their thighs tightly!

From these dimensions, we can see that in fact, BA College is really a big college with many professional branches. Therefore, there are naturally some very popular majors, but there are also many majors that are very busy every semester, so about " BA College " " Whether the hospital is in good condition or not " cannot be generalized. However, as a prestigious school of architecture, regardless of whether the major is good or not, it is an honor to graduate from here ~ What do you think?

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