Senior says: Things you must know about Cardiff

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

It’s time again for the “annual” experience of attending a prestigious school! ⌚️Today I will take you on a cloud tour to Cardiff University in Cardiff, the capital of Wales! Cardiff University has been rated as the most beautiful campus in the UK many times. It is the filming location for many British and American dramas such as Sherlock and Doctor Who. Its School of Journalism and Communication is backed by the BBC. It is the first School of Journalism and Communication in Europe and its business school is also an international one. Certified as the world's top business school! It can be said to be a hard-core school. So what is it like to study in such a school? Let’s follow senior L, who is about to enter his sophomore year majoring in financial mathematics, to find out~

❗️ Q: Why did you choose Cardiff University in the first place?

👦 : Because I wanted to choose a seaside city to study in, I traveled to Cardiff. I felt that the pace of life in Cardiff was slower. Compared with the urbanization and prosperity of England, Wales felt more small-town, with more authentic scenery and customs, which was more suitable for me. So I chose Cardiff ⚠️ Cardiff bay is really beautiful. If you come to Cardiff, I beg everyone to go to Kangkang!

❗️ Q: Your school is known as the most beautiful campus in Europe. What do you like most about your school?

👦 : I prefer Bute Park near the school. There is a large lawn 🌵 The view is very wide. On sunny days, there will be many people lying on the lawn to bask in the sun. Life is not too comfortable! There are also a few little squirrels everywhere 🐿️ jumping and looking for food on the lawn. I like to come here to take pictures of squirrels 🐿️ Every time I go back to the apartment after class, I go for a walk or chat with friends.

❗️ Q: According to statistics, the non-graduation rate in your school has reached 7.6%. Are many people failing in your major? How can I make up for a failed exam?

👦 : As far as I know, some of my friends failed the course very seriously, but in fact, our courses are very easy to study well~ Maybe it’s because everyone has been taking online classes and suddenly switched to offline and offline exams, and everyone is not very familiar with it. There should be some adaptation. For this reason, if you take a make-up exam, it will be in the middle of August⃣️🈷️ . If the exam for this course is an online exam, the make-up exam will also be conducted online. If the original exam was an offline exam, it will be an offline make-up exam. If you fail the make-up exam, you can only retake it. ! If you fail the make-up exam for core subjects and fail to pass, or if you still fail too many after the make-up exam, you may need to repeat the grade😭

❗️ Q: I see there are some dinner parties in your school. How can I attend?

👦 : This dinner is held annually by different majors and at different times. Our Maths Ball this year is in March⃣️ and the school will send it out in advance📩Those who invite students to participate must register as soon as possible to be the first to be served! Generally, if it is held in a city hall, you must wear formal attire! Full of sense of ceremony!

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