Senior says: These are the things you must know about the University of Exeter

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

When choosing a school, many students look at rankings first and majors secondly. This has also led to some popular schools with high rankings starting to rise. While generating income and opening many water majors, they have also raised their own profile. So there is a question here. Are the schools with high rankings necessarily good? Are the schools ranked 100 to 200 really uninterested? With this question, we asked the students who are studying at Estonia University, which is also a member of the Russell Group. Senior Z from Exeter University, what does UOE look like in his eyes?

Q : Please introduce yourself, your school and the city of Exeter .

A: My major is BS business economics . I graduated this year. Our school is the most beautiful garden city in the UK, surrounded by towering ancient trees. Business and sports medicine are our top majors. Our school, Exeter, is the capital of Devon, Devon. The county is considered an agricultural area, so it is relatively comfortable, and the people living in this city are mainly retired middle-class people, so it is relatively safe ~ Britain has always been a safer place in the countryside . I gave up the offer of Cardiff to come to Egypt. Kesette is because it is relatively quiet. I personally prefer a peaceful place.

Q: Some people say that your school’s undergraduate programs are better, but its graduate programs are worse. What do you think of this?

A: Undergraduate and postgraduate are indeed two levels. Our school’s undergraduate students usually study Alevel in the UK or there are more international students from Hong Kong. It’s not that the admission threshold is relatively high. I guess it’s because our school is too small and has relatively few majors, so it’s not well-known hhh Our school’s undergraduate degree is relatively easy to graduate, and the course difficulty is still 🉑️ As long as you complete each due and exam carefully, you don’t need to take it too seriously, but during exam week The pressure is quite high, and it is all concentrated in the two-week postgraduate program. Compared with schools ranked between 100-200 , our school is basically not stuck on the list, and the admission requirements are not high. It is very friendly to both non-students and African-Americans, so it is still very popular. It 's not that bad. My graduate student friend said that the quality of the students may be a bit mixed, but the school has all the help and facilities it should have, and the professors at the business school all have resumes from major famous companies. Still very naughty

Q: Tell me about your plans after graduation?

A: For graduate students, I would put this school at the bottom because it is more convenient to go directly. Then I will see if I can go to London for graduate school. I still want to go to the top 50 universities in the world. After all, there are only two kinds of universities for big companies, the top 50 universities. and other universities

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