The senior said: You must know these things about Durham University

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Durham University is the only three-college university in the UK ( the other two are Oxford and Cambridge ) . That is, students are assigned to different colleges regardless of their major, age, gender, or nationality. The college manages the students’ extracurricular life, such as regular weekly Dinner . On this day, students have to wear formal attire or black robes. Many children are attracted by the academic system, so they choose to come to Durham to study. They want to experience the same school experience as Harry Potter . Today we invited Senior MA international relations T , who is also studying at " Hogwarts " , asked him to introduce his daily life at the magic school~

Q : I remember that you got offers from UCL and Warwick at the same time. These rankings are higher than Durham. Why did you still choose to come to Durham?

A: Because I care more about the study experience. I only have one year to experience the local culture and life in the UK. I want to maximize my experience value. First of all, the proportion of Chinese international students in Durham is relatively small. I have always stayed in my comfort zone when I studied abroad. Secondly, Durham is a very quiet and ancient village. Compared with London, the consumption level is definitely lower. It is more suitable for study and life is more comfortable. There are also social activities in Durham There are so many. As a social king , I can’t refuse this kind of effective social interaction. In addition to dinners, there are also summer dances, light shows and many lectures. The last reason for learning through play is of course that I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I definitely want to check out the filming location! Undergraduate students in our school can live in the castle, just like Harry Potter! You taste it, you taste it carefully!

Q: What exactly is this college system and how did you choose this college? By major? Start talking

A: When you get the unconditional offer , you can choose a college. We can apply for two colleges, the 1st choice and the 2nd choice. The next step is to wait for the school arrangement. I was selected by the oldest college, University College, and the college I belong to Personal information to the school will be displayed. Then there are college activities and so on. Tickets for the dinner are 6.5 pounds. The advantage of buying tickets in advance is that the college system will give people a feeling of being integrated into the group. Everyone is very close, whether they are Asian classmates or local classmates. It seems that there is no cultural barrier between everyone, and there is a feeling of being like old friends at first sight ~ We all get along like a family. In the communication and getting along with them, I have a deep understanding of the charm of different cultures. This feeling is wonderful.

Q: Is there anything in Durham that requires lightning protection?

A: Apart from the notoriously slow administrative efficiency of our school, the academic atmosphere of our school is really good! The department is responsible for our study life . If you miss a teacher's email, the department will send you a special email to remind you that the teacher has not contacted you. The teacher is also very tolerant of our opinions ~

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