The senior said: You must know these things about the University of Nottingham!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

The University of Nottingham is one of the few universities in the UK that has its own independent campus. It is built on a mountain and lives by a water. There is a large lawn where you can roll around with rabbits and squirrels . There are also beautiful swans in the lake in front of the lawn. Swimming happily with little ducks , it is known as " one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in the UK " . Today we invited senior J from BA film and television studies to see what the University of Nottingham is like in the eyes of film students~

q : Why did you come to the University of Nottingham?

👦 : My grades were pretty good during my preparatory year, and Birmingham also wanted me, but my major is not film , and I want to choose something I like.

q : Please briefly introduce your school. 

👦 : Our school has 6 campuses, the main campus, university park , jubilee campus, and campuses that I have never been to, because uni park is pretty enough, and other campuses have become makeshift! There is free school bus transportation between campuses.  I have to brag to you about our school’s awesome gymnasium. The trick is that you have to spend money to get a card. It has everything from badminton to basketball to swimming pools and rock climbing gyms . It also provides free private coaching courses for you to sign up for . , so fragrant! Our school library also has quite a large collection of books. It is said that there are more than 1 million paper books and magazines, and they are all self-borrowed and returned, which is very convenient.

q : If you were asked to film a movie in your school, where would you choose?

👦 : Deer Park , Wollanton Hall , where Batman was filmed, is also there. There you can see the distinct changes of the four seasons. In late autumn, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and fall, covering the entire grassland. In the evening, all the afterglow of the setting sun, which is not blocked by the leaves, pours on it, making the entire grassland golden. It snows in Nottingham in winter . The snow covers the entire grassland and is covered with white snow. In the spotless snow scene, you can vaguely see a few deer antlers showing up, like a fairy tale world. In spring, the white snow fades, revealing the green grass. Go and see the spring deer . They will welcome you warmly after being lazy all winter~ Our summer is not hot at all, just in the shade of the leafy trees Next, put on your headphones and watch the distant birds flying freely in the sky, which is perfect for spending an afternoon in a daze. There were many moments of collapse abroad, but the four seasons in Deer Park always healed me.

q : Your school’s ranking has been declining. Would you still recommend that everyone come to Nottingham?

👦 : Of course, our school’s ranking has gone backwards. I think it’s because Nottingham has expanded its enrollment, which means the threshold has become lower and the quality of students has decreased. But our school still enjoys an international reputation. In the 2022 QS Graduate Employability Rankings, we ranked among the top 70 universities in the world, and our graduates are also very popular with employers. Moreover, the campus environment of our school is very suitable for us to calm down, like a paradise far away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Moreover, the city of Nottingham itself is also very good. It is located in the center of England. It is very convenient to go to Birmingham or London.

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