🇨🇳 Is blind introspection by parents useful for applying to 🇬🇧 schools❓

The following content is only for British private school applications (non-public schools) and British undergraduate (non-Oxbridge) applications❗️I have to say that we still see many parents asking what my children are studying now: equestrian, Music, sketching, fencing, polo, golf, piano, student president, debate competition, first prize, etc. Do these activities have any advantages for him/her to apply for private schools/ undergraduates❓

If you don’t talk about the premise, then this answer has no reference significance⚠️The truth about rice cakes is: with the same grades, “maybe” has an advantage❗️The following are the truth about admissions to several British private schools and British undergraduates✅

1️⃣What you need to be clear about is that most private schools in the UK want to recruit more students❗️So it means that whether you participate in these activities actually doesn’t mean much in some respects, as long as you can pass the school’s test and During the interview, there are actually very few factors that can actually affect your admission result✅

2️⃣What you need to make clear is that your child really likes to participate in these activities❗️Because if you simply allow your children to attend these schools and let your children participate in these activities , it actually does not make much sense. The subjects of science study are the same. Why do some students prefer subjects? It’s because these students are very focused on what they want to learn. It’s useless to force them to learn what they don’t want to learn✅

3️⃣You have to be clear that your results always come first❗️Whether you are the gold medal in a certain competition, the first prize in a certain competition, or the chairman of a certain activity & club, frankly speaking, if your results cannot reflect your If it comes out, in fact, these are not very meaningful to put it bluntly✅ In other words, if learning is the second priority, why do British private schools still have classes? It is better to let students go out every day to do this and that, don’t you think so❗️ The key point is to get an unconditional notice when applying to a university. People ask for AAA. If you passed the CCC exam and got a gold medal in a certain competition, what about whether the school will admit you✅

4️⃣What you need to be clear about is what kind of role your child is❗️We often see that a certain British private school has become the champion of a certain international competition, etc. In fact, British private schools have many interests and hobbies for cultivating children. Facilities/coaches, such as football, golf, swimming, equestrian, etc. Many local British children will slowly turn into professional athletes through these sports. How many domestic parents would be willing to do so✅

5️⃣You have to be clear that these activities are just icing on the cake❗️In fact, when it comes to drunkenness, these activities are the icing on the cake and the finishing touch✅Something is definitely better than nothing, but don’t think this is everything for your child. Parents, remember, blind guilt It's useless to be obsessed with it. It may be all focused on useless aspects. It's a good thing to be obsessed with exams, but it must be a goal-oriented and directional effort💪

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