"Little Cambridge" Tonbridge College

The 28th edition of private school sharing is here. Today we bring you Tonbridge School , known as the Little Cambridge in the UK ~

❗️Tonbridge Public School is one of the three aristocratic boys' schools in the UK. It is located in the town of Tonbridge, Kent, southeast of London, England, a fifty-minute drive from London. The school combines the essence of classical and modern education and is world-famous for its excellent academic atmosphere.

School Category✅ : Boys’ School

Date of establishment⏰ : 1553

School size🏫 : 150 acres

School population👨‍👨‍👦 : 800

Admissions Requirements❗️

✅The main admission points of the school are [ 13+ and 16+ ]

Registration 13+ : Complete the ISEB general test. After passing the test, the internal test will be conducted in November .

Registration 14+ : A small number of admissions, only math and English exams, only the best students can be admitted and interviewed.

Registration for 16+ : Written test in 4 subjects of your choice + written test in English language + interview

⚠️Most students who registered for year9 ( 13+ ) applied when they were in year5 or year6

School introduction❗️

✅As Tonbridge is a preparatory school for Cambridge University, you don’t need to introduce it by frying fish. I think you also know the value of this school, right? Tonbridge students gain admission to top universities in the UK and around the world every year, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Russell Group University and American University, 22 years Alevel A*-B : 98% , A*-A : 85% , 9-7 (equivalent to A*/A ): 97% . Mathematics teachers who all graduated from Oxbridge have also achieved good results in mathematical physics competitions in recent years.

✅In addition to academic excellence, Tonbridge is also very good in the fields of rugby and cricket. The sports facilities equipped by the school also served as a training venue for the 2012 Olympic Games. The school also attaches great importance to music education, and each practice room is equipped with a Steinway piano.

✅The school’s extracurricular activities are also rich and colorful, not to mention the common music clubs and drama clubs, but also rocket, robotics, science, debate and even mahjong clubs! It really extends the educational philosophy developed in Tsuen Mun to all aspects.

✅The school's dormitory system has 12 dormitory wardens, who care about the needs of every student, ensure students' safety while cultivating students' happiness, and have a 24 -hour school doctor, psychological counselor and anti-bullying committee on call. to eliminate school violence.

Are you very excited? British middle school 🈸️ , beeping in the background~

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