How to come to the UK🇬🇧 to study abroad after working❓

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

after work More and more people are choosing to study in the UK What about studying abroad for senior citizens ? Some people will be anxious Does this mean dropping everything and starting from scratch? It seems like this is the same as gap year In the eyes of many people, it is a waste of time? And the truth is - not at all! ☺️ There are still many benefits to studying abroad at an advanced age !

✨Improve professional skills in a more targeted manner

after work Understand better what the workplace is like What are your interests? and what kind of work you are good at Only in this way can we carry out more targeted further training . 🧐After working for one or two years, you can study abroad. You will have a clearer understanding of your career plan and future development🈶️ More directional learning You can enhance your professional skills with more laughter.

✨Change career direction

If you are currently in a career you don’t like During the work time You found it more interesting More profitable projects  You can study abroad Learn new skills Thus changing the direction of employment🧭

✨More helpful for studying abroad application

Work experience related to the major applied for studying abroad It’s a plus for the application 🈶️Maybe apply to a better school🏫 or major

So why should you choose to study abroad in 🇬🇧 ?

❗️The British academic system is relatively short It only takes one to two years Time becomes benzene 💰 low And 🇬🇧the school has a relatively high value. There are dozens of schools in the top 100 of QS rankings. A prestigious school is not a dream! at the same time Compared to 🇺🇸 ’s high tuition and living expenses💰 🇬🇧The cost of studying abroad💰 is relatively low

So How should I apply to study abroad if I have work experience?

⚠️Master 's Preparatory Course

Master's preparatory courses for migrant workers It's a good way to connect A veteran with many years of experience in the workplace It’s been a long time since I said goodbye to campus life It requires an adaptation process to study life and the all-English teaching environment. Then preparatory school is a way to help you make the transition. Not too heavy academic pressure Give you plenty of buffer time Can adapt to a new living environment and learning environment Change your status from a worker👷 to a student🧑‍🎓

all in all You don’t have to worry about elderly students studying abroad Too anxious 30 is a great age Economic independence Independent personality Have a complete world view and values Without the stress of children and supporting parents Life is firmly in your own hands After all, our lives are always in our own hands Instead of living in the eyes of others No? 😉 If you have any questions, kick us backstage! Now my brother is handing me the materials 🉑️Received 🉐️the ideal offer within 2 weeks!

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