Private schools that even working-class people can attend - cost-effective❗

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Private schools in the UK are not out of reach, even for working-class people🈸️Here are some tips for you:

1️⃣Find an area with low consumption, away from central London.

2️⃣Don’t choose boarding school, because one room for life is too luxurious. Try to choose a homestay with reasonable fees.

3️⃣Tuition fee is controlled at 15,000 yuan per year. Generally, schools pay it separately for three semesters.

Here Wang Wanwan recommends several cost-effective schools🏫low tuition fees💰high school rankings🔝

✨Concord College

🏫Mixed school

💰 16200 💷 /year (day study) 48900 💷 /year (accommodation)

📖 Founded in 1949, Concordia College is located in Shrewsbury (Darwin’s hometown) and is a very competitive international school . It ranks highly for GCSE and A-level results. The school describes itself as a “A highly independent international school academically” All students are expected to “achieve the highest standards” The school also places a strong emphasis on “ethical values ​​and soft skills such as empathy, communication, teamwork and time management” to help students achieve their life goals

💯Over 80% of students achieved B or above grades in GCSE and A Level

✨Dulwich College

🏫Boys ’ school

💰 22971 💷 /year (day study) 47949 💷 /year (accommodation)

📖Founded in 1619 with a charter issued by King James I, the purpose is to cultivate gentlemen with solid knowledge, strong artistic pursuits, and good manners and etiquette. DC is one of the few large-scale traditional boarding schools in the suburbs of London. It is also a famous boys' school. The school not only retains beautiful historical buildings, but also enjoys the convenience brought by modern buildings. It also sits on a large area of ​​beautiful and open green space.

💯 , Alevel A*A has 82%, GCSE A*A has 93% ❗️Oxbridge acceptance rate is about 15%

✨St Michael's School

🏫Mixed school

💰 13818 💷 /year (day study) 30900 💷 /year (accommodation)

📖A relatively low-key secondary school that focuses on its own development and also strictly limits admission requirements without doing much marketing or causing much controversy. The school is located in southern Wales, England, near Swansea.  The school provides libraries, drama performance venues, and the school has newly upgraded many teaching facilities, including but not limited to gymnasiums, biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories. The school choir will have many outings, Christmas, Easter, and some in Wales. There are also opportunities to perform at local concerts

💯Alevel -A*A 80.2% GCSE-A*A 84.4%

The above is a collection of cost-effective private schools. If you have any questions, please remember us on Didi.

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