A private school in the UK that can also be attended by working-class people. It’s very cost-effective❗️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

According to news media reports, tuition fees at some private schools in the UK have increased 📈 , mainly due to factors such as energy, food and wages. Let’s first take a look at the top tuition fees for private boarding schools in the UK:

1⃣️Brighton College

Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £64920/year

2⃣️ACS Cobham International School

Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £55330/year

3⃣️Concord College

Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £53400/year

4⃣️Cardiff Sixth Form College

Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £53300/year

5⃣️Hurtwood House School

Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £52227/year

👏🏻The advantage of a private boarding school is that apart from tuition and accommodation fees, there are no other additional expenses💰 , including food, etc., so the tuition and accommodation fees are almost the entire cost of a private school in the UK👊🏻 . Of course, there are also some private schools in the UK that are relatively cost-effective, with cheap tuition and good results❗️

🏫Wellington schoolWellington school

📍Location : South West England, near Bristol

✅Features : The school is located in a wealthy area with beautiful environment and elegant school facilities. There are fencing halls, gyms, rugby fields, tennis courts, hockey fields, track and field, rock climbing walls, etc. It is also very strong in art and has cultivated famous comics. Home Bob Moran and Landscape Artist Holly Brody

💰Tuition fee + accommodation fee: 41685/year

🏫Woodhouse Grove School

📍Location : Northern England, near Manchester City

✅Features : Small class teaching, teacher-student ratio is only 1:5, each student has his or her own tutor, there will be someone to manage life, academic and social activities, a large number of extracurricular activities such as sports, drama, choir, performance group, etc. The school also has Oxbridge preparation classes. There are many opportunities for international competitions, and the school’s dominant subject is STEM.

💰Tuition fee + accommodation fee: £35490/year

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